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This article is about the second Machinima competition. For the first Machinima competition in 2009, see RuneScape Machinima Competition.
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RuneScape Machinima Competition 2 can no longer be entered.
This competition occurred in the past. This article or section has been retained for historical purposes.

The RuneScape Machinima Competition 2 was a competition held by Jagex as a way of allowing them to participate in the community more. It was released on 29 January 2010 to coincide with the release of the Orb of oculus. Players have to submit short 30-second videos where they advertise a certain aspect of RuneScape, with Jagex to create a shortlist of the best videos for players to vote on. The winner receives lifetime membership to RuneScape and a trip to Jagex Studios in Cambridge, England to meet various members of Jagex, while four runners-up will win lifetime membership to RuneScape.

Mod Paul M and Mod Kelvin announced that the second RuneScape Machinima Competition was to take place sometime in January 2010. The announcement was made in a video congratulating the winner of the Christmas card contest.[1] It was announced in the developer blog named Machinima: The Orb of Oculus.[2]

The popularity of our first machinima competition made it apparent to us that people were really interested in making good quality films with RuneScape. There are some tremendous people working to really push the limits of what you can do with our game. The entries were outstanding, their quality unlike anything I imagined.

When Excl and Tehnoobshow came to Jagex to visit, they spoke with us about how they made their films. They have since told us about the limitations and problems as well as how they managed to get around them. It only goes to show exactly how creative the fans of RuneScape are when they want to get their films made.

Their visit really motivated us to think about how we could give a little more to those who choose to create their own videos. When I was asked to see what I could do for all the machinima producers out there, I was stoked to say the least. I really wanted to give them some quick and easy tools to really enhance the experience of making their films. I also was a little bit selfish, as I want machinima to get some extra exposure, and I wanted to be a part of the next contest and to give something back to the community.

— Mod Fnorb Machinima: The Orb of Oculus[2]

On 29 January 2010, Jagex announced the start of the second Machinima competition.[3] The submission of videos was conducted for three weeks, and the competition was officially closed on midnight 19 February 2010.[4]

On 24 February 2010, ten shortlisted videos were announced and displayed in a YouTube video for players to watch and vote.[5]

The finalists[edit | edit source]

Original video

  1. RuneScape Canoe System by King of rs14
  2. Ardougne by Logdotzip
  3. Gnome Airlines by Robo Hobo
  4. Camel Dung by Tyrutu
  5. Unicorn Stallion Pouch by Runet00b
  6. DMC (Dwarf multicannon) by Neon Slay
  7. Lumbridge by Gameboy1100
  8. A Maid by Evil Yakuza
  9. Keldagrim Train Carts by Sakri Rune
  10. Safety Rap by A Green Lvl

The results[edit | edit source]

On the 5 March, 2010, the results of the voting poll were released, to show that the ten finalists scored in this order:

  1. Lumbridge by Gameboy1100 - Prize: Trip to Jagex, lifetime membership, Jagex goodies -
  2. A Maid by Evil Yakuza - Prize: lifetime membership -
  3. Unicorn Stallion Pouch by Runet00b - Prize: lifetime membership -
  4. Camel Dung by Tyrutu - Prize: lifetime membership -
  5. RuneScape Canoe System by King of rs14 - Prize: lifetime membership -
  6. Ardougne by Logdotzip -
  7. DMC (Dwarf multicannon) by Neon Slay -
  8. Gnome Airlines by Robo Hobo -
  9. Keldagrim Train Carts by Sakri Rune -
  10. Safety Rap by A Green Lvl -

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