RuneScape Game Jam Summary - April 2018

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RuneScape Game Jam Summary - April 2018 was a livestream that was broadcast or published on 20 April 2018.

Description[edit | edit source]

The second RuneScape Game Jam is now closed, copies are in!
Over 30 JMods have signed up to take part and create impactful updates inspired by you.

From Player-Owned House to Alchemical Onyx items, Cooking guild revamp and more, discover it all in our Content Showcase.

8:45 - Player-Owned House (Mod Ryan)
18:52 - Quality of Life fixes (Mod Mohawk)
26:53 - Skilling resource dungeon (Mod Iago)
36:51 - Costume Parade, Portable Hunter, Petcetera & more (Mod Mark)
1:00:56 - Quests Competition...ish (Mod Osborne, Mod Raven)
1:12:29 - New Player Experience (Mod Stu)
1:26:40 - Alchemical Onyxes (Mod Erator)
1:37:16 - Ripper Pet & Achievements (Mod Shogun)
1:46:28 - Cooking guild revamp (Mod Tomb)
2:08:36 - Clan changes (Mod Shauny)
2:14:31 - Game Jam item, "Nature's Balance" (Mod Sparky)

Transcript[edit | edit source]