RuneScape Duel Cards

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RuneScape Duel Cards.

RuneScape Duel Cards is a type of real-life card game released by Jagex on 2 April 2009. The cards feature the ten most powerful beasts of RuneScape.

The stat values on the Duel Cards do not represent the stats of the monsters in-game, however they slightly mimic the powers that the monsters would possess in-game. The stats present in the cards are Attack, Ranged, Magic, Agility and "RuneScape Power" (a measure of how notorious the creature is).

Rules of RuneScape Duels[edit | edit source]

Starting the game[edit | edit source]

The cards are shuffled together and half of them are dealt to the player and the other half to the opponent. The dealer plays first.

Playing the game[edit | edit source]

The player who starts first must read one value from their uppermost RuneScape Duels card. This can be the card's Attack value, Ranged value, Magic value, Agility value or "RuneScape Power". Once the starting player has read out their chosen value, the opposing player must read out their corresponding value. For example, if one player reads out an Agility value, the opposing player must also read out the Agility value of their uppermost card.

The card with the highest value wins the duel. The owner of that card takes the losing card from their opponent and moves both cards to the back of their deck. That winning player then reads another value from their next card. RuneScape Duels continues until one player wins all of the cards.

Winning[edit | edit source]

The aim of RuneScape Duels is to win all of the opponent's cards. The player who holds all of the RuneScape Duel cards is the winner. The winner claims the title of "RuneScape Duel Champion".

The monsters (by set #)[edit | edit source]

Best monsters[edit | edit source]

Strangely, although the Corporeal Beast was, when these were released, the strongest monster in RuneScape it is not the top in any categories.

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