RuneScape Dev Q&A - RuneFest 2018

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RuneScape Dev Q&A - RuneFest 2018 was a livestream that was broadcast or published on 10 October 2018.

Description[edit | edit source]

Our JMods are back from RuneFest and ready to comment on all the announcements made during the Winter Reveals: Til Death Do Us Part, Needle Skips, Game Jam... and also give you insight on our current projects.

3:30​ - Til Death Do Us Part
12:48​ - Runefest Highlights
19:30​ - Current Projects
23:15​ - Bank Rework
24:40​ - Group Ironman
25:32​ - Loyalty & Aura Rework
28:16​ - GameJam
36:30​ - RuneFest
39:16​ - RS Mobile
55:30​ - Mobilising Armies, Bank Space, Needle Skips