RuneScape Dev Q&A (June 2019) - Land Out of Time Special

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RuneScape Dev Q&A (June 2019) - Land Out of Time Special was a livestream that was broadcast or published on 19 June 2019.

Description[edit | edit source]

Land ahead! *raise spyglass* Yes, yes, we can finally see it on the horizon, Anachronia - The Land Out of Time! It’s getting closer and closer by the day, and we’ve got so much to show you!

Last week we’ve unveiled Big Game Hunter – a new innovative method to train your Hunter skill. Well this time, the tides are bringing in a whole new lot of content focused on Slayer & Agility!

In addition, we're taking some time to cover the other exciting things happening in Gielinor these days: the Weapon Diversity, the latest news shared on RS Mobile, the Mahjarrat Aura and other additions from this week’s Game Update.

1:48​ - Land out of Time
11:25​ - Mahjarrat aura
18:32​ - RS Mobile
19:00​ - Summer Special (3-For-2 Membership Offer)
19:12​ - Twitch Prime Month 2
19:41​ - New Merch
22:25​ - Bank Improvements & Placeholders
22:57​ - Land Out of Time: Codex Abilities
28:50​ - Land Out of Time: Slayer
32:05​ - Land Out of Time: General Q&A