RuneScape Design Diaries #1 - Episodic Content: creating Quests, Bosses and Dungeons

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RuneScape Design Diaries #1 - Episodic Content: creating Quests, Bosses and Dungeons was a video that was uploaded on 6 September 2019.

Description[edit | edit source]

In this first episode of our Design Diaries, our host Mod Osborne (Lead Designer) is joined by Mod Timbo (Senior Game Designer) to talk about Episodic Content.

How do we design the weekly content - Quests, Bosses, Dungeons and such - that you get to play and enjoy? Why are we launching certain things at specific moments? Which problems are we aiming to solve with each one of them and how do we do that? Where are we going and what can you expect from upcoming content?

These are a few of the questions we're answering in this first Design Diary!



As you may have noticed recently, there have been some changes to both the shape of the teams that create RuneScape and direction in which we are taking the game.

In this new series of behind-the-scenes videos, Mod Osborne takes you through each one of these new teams to give you an insight on all the projects we're currently working on that shape the future of Gielinor: Episodic Content, Monetisation, Making RS Mobile and yes, even the projects we haven't announced yet *wink*.

The Design Diaries are a fresh new way for us to be more transparent about how we create RuneScape every day - and how we intend to make it evolve in the future. We hope that you'll enjoy this new format, and welcome your feedback in the comments!