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The RuneScape Council is an organisation referred to in various quests, NPC conversations, and newsposts. Although details regarding the Council are very few and vague, the RuneScape Council is generally believed to be a collection of influential governments and organisations dedicated to protecting and managing the modern regions of Gielinor as a whole. In an issue of The God Letters, Guthix states that membership is attained by "paying the council's tithe". This is more than likely a reference to the RuneScape Council.

The RuneScape Council makes decisions regarding affairs that affect civilised Gielinor as a whole, particularly the kingdoms of Misthalin, Asgarnia, and Kandarin. Several other areas which are outside of these kingdoms but have an important effect on the economy of other areas seem to also be in their jurisdiction. For instance, the lighthouse of the Northern Sea seems to be primarily under the jurisdiction of the Council, despite being on Fremennik soil. As the lighthouse is important to the economies of multiple regions, protecting ships travelling throughout the Northern Sea, its management is done by collective governments. Also it was an NPC called Council workman who fixed the bridge between Kandarin and Rellekka, hinting the NPC may have belonged to this council.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Council is what the citizens of Runescape use to refer to Jagex.