RuneScape Content Showcase - GameJam (Oct 2018)

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RuneScape Content Showcase - GameJam (Oct 2018) was a livestream that was broadcast or published on 24 October 2018.

Description[edit | edit source]

Get onboard with a 2h long show & tell of the projects our JMods have been working on during last week’s Game Jam.

(Note: Projects shown are WIP prototypes and many of them won't even make it into the game)

2:30​ - AoD fixes
11:50​ - Dailyscape reductions (Guthix's Cache)
22:45​ - Ability Bar Defaults
33:00​ - Weapon Diversity
1:00:30​ - Group Inspects / Raids Practice Mode
1:08:20​ - Stu-pocalypse (Quest sort, Achievement paths, etc)
1:26:00​ - POF Farmhands
1:36:00​ - Fire Spirits
1:43:05​ - Slayer Resource DG
1:48:15​ - Transmogs
1:55:05​ - Shield of Arrav II