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The RuneScape Classic (or RuneScape 1) - RuneScape 2 transition refers to the period after the release of RuneScape 2 in 2004 where players' stats and items where carried over between the two versions of RuneScape, RuneScape Classic and RuneScape 2.

The transition can be divided in two phases. During the first phase that took place on 29 March 2004 the stats that were gained in RSC were copied to RS2, and all items obtained in RSC moved over to RS2.[1] During the second phase that took place from 30 March until 23 April 2004 players had the opportunity to manually move their items between RSC and RS2 via the website.[2][3]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Initially, players could only move their items from RS2 to RS1 and not the other way around. On 14 April this was changed by Jagex after complaints from players who regretted moving their items back to RuneScape Classic.[4]

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