RuneScape 20 Years of Lore // The Lore Council discusses the history of Gielinor

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RuneScape 20 Years of Lore // The Lore Council discusses the history of Gielinor was a livestream that was broadcast on 19 January 2021.

The stream was held to celebrate the 20 years of RuneScape and talked about different aspects of the lore.

Description[edit | edit source]

This week, our Lore Council celebrates #20YearsOfRuneScape​ by taking you on a journey through the past, present and future of Gielinor. And that's not all! Alongside loads of lore tidbits, they also reveal some very first details on an upcoming mini-quest series.

Grab a hot cup of tea (soil variant if that's your stuff) and a big slice of Anniversary cake, you're in for a lore-some moment!

🕑 Timestamps:
0:02​ - Mod Intros - Mod Mark, Mod Osborne & Mod Stu
7:46​ - Biggest inspirations for lore
15:23​ - Quests based off of dreams? NPCs based off of real people?
27:35​ - Favourite stories to tell
34:45​ - Inspirations for in-game languages
39:21​ - Why penguins?
42:13​ - Getting it wrong when designing lore
47:56​ - The origins of Signature Heroes
53:26​ - Making the call on "The World Wakes"
1:00:26​ - Break
1:06:20​ - Mod intros - Mod Rowley, Mod Jack & Mod Raven
1:07:10​ - New Mini-Quest announcement - Foreshadowing
1:11:08​ - Mini-Quest discussion
1:19:50​ - Old quests' influence on new lore
1:24:05​ - Lore ambitions
1:27:23​ - Plot points to be avoided
1:29:01​ - Fan theories vs. the real deal
1:35:50​ - Manging and cross-checking lore
1:42:35​ - Killing off NPCs
1:48:12​ - Bringing over lore from OSRS?
1:53:00​ - Timeline for pre-First-Age stories?
1:56:45​ - New Mini-Quest teaser

Transcript[edit | edit source]