RuneScape - Solak Q&A and Gameplay Showcase

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RuneScape - Solak Q&A and Gameplay Showcase was a livestream that was broadcast or published on 22 May 2018.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Guardian of the Grove is coming to RuneScape this Tuesday 29th. Are you ready? ​

ModRamen, ModOsborne and ModShauny answer your questions about the Grove Guardian and show you an exclusive in-game preview of the MASSIVE boss.

1:32​ - The birth of Solak
6:00​ - Highlights of this week's updates (C4TAA, lodestones, etc)
9:10​ - Parcels from the Hedge
10:10​ - Summer Special and surprises
14:33​ - Build-a-Backlog and its uses
21:22​ - Solak Q&A
40:18​ - Solak Showcase