RuneScape - Mining & Smithing Art Showcase

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RuneScape - Mining & Smithing Art Showcase was a livestream that was broadcast or published on 9 May 2018.

Description[edit | edit source]

Join us as we unveil new concept artwork, give you more info on the update itself, and follow live design and modeling of the Armour & Weapons Set added in this update!

0:35​ - Start
4:09​ - [Concept Art] Ores, Smithing Armours & Weapons (ModNeil & ModClumsy)
15:49​ - [Design] Dwarven Forge, Pt.1 (ModNeil)
32:17​ - Infos and lore of the rework (ModStew, ModJack)
48:06​ - [Modeling] Orikalkum and Necronium Set, Pt.1 (ModClumsy)
1:12:28​ - [Design] Dwarven Forge, Pt.2 (ModNeil)
1:35:48​ - [Modeling] Necronium Set, Pt.2 (ModClumsy)
1:47:45​ - [Design] Dwarven Forge, Pt.3 (ModNeil)
1:53:38​ - [Modeling] Necronium Set, Pt.3 (ModClumsy)