RuneScape - Intro to 2019 Q&A

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RuneScape - Intro to 2019 Q&A was a livestream that was broadcast or published on 10 January 2019.

Description[edit | edit source]

Time to look ahead on the first RuneScape updates to expect in 2019!

Let’s start with the Mining & Smithing Rework, how the first days are going and what to expect after. Then, we tease more of Elite Dungeons 3, Player Owned Farm updates, our ideas for next Game Jam, the Comp Cape Rework, and more!

1:12​ - Mining and Smithing
21:15​ - Completionist Cape Rework
30:02​ - Elite Dungeon III
48:58​ - GameJam Updates
51:08​ - POF Farmhands