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The Summer Wikifest 2008 was held on the 7 June 2008 (8 June 2008 for Australia). Most events took place at Falador Square. A wikifest is a wiki party where Wikians meet together. See the official guest list.

Introduction[edit source]

C Teng and Ilyas259 hosted a party for members of the wiki in world 80 for Free-to-play players and world 83 for Pay-to-play players.

The list of activities included:

  • Meet and Greet
Attendants assembled in the Falador Square and chatted, waited, and actually "saw" the "faceless" members of their Wikia community. Many felt this was skipped and many missed the call to start the Trivia.
  • Wiki Trivia Contest
It was held upstairs in the furnace building. Participants were asked questions about the Wikia and rewards were given out.
  • Hide and Go Fally
All participants went out of the city to Doric's Hut, except C Teng, who hid inside Falador. Then, C Teng announced he was ready and the search began.
  • Costume contest
Divided into non-member and member section. The participants with the most appealing outfit wins. This was very crowded and many players blocked the view of the contestants.
  • House Party
It was held in Knightgf's house.
  • Clan Wars
Free players go onto the fest! This was added to the plans sporadically, presumably right after the costume party.
  • Castle wars
Members go onto the fest!

Wiki Trivia[edit source]

The wiki trivia was held at the second floor of the furnace room. The winner ____ was on 2 points along with Jamesadams7, _____ and ____ all on 1 point. Some questions included were:

Hide and go Fally[edit source]

After the trivia contest had ended, Ilyas259 took all the players out to Doric's Hut, while C Teng hid in Falador. After the word was given, the players swarmed Falador looking for C Teng. The challenge was won about five minutes later by Bunnies1230, who found C Teng hiding atop the northern wall of Falador.

Costume Contest[edit source]

The Costume Contest had two divisions, one for F2P players and one for P2P players. Each contestant would line up in front of the judges while the judges gave a score from 1 to 10. Garder121 won in Costume contest in F2P division, while Japol1(Japol1) won in Costume contest in P2P Division.

Unfortunately, the area got crowded very fast and the contestants were hard to even see. The crowd got more and more unruly as more people showed up and as the Wikians drew the attention of the other players.

F2P gathering[edit source]

After the switch to P2P, the remaining F2P players organised, and chose to go to clan wars. Bunnies1230, Wiisal, Regabuh, and Mon528 were the four players that organized a F2P after-party on world 80 while the P2P house party continued on world 83. The team of Bunnies1230 and Mon528's team beat the opposing team of Wiisal and Regabuh three times.

House party[edit source]

Ilyas259 organised where the house party was to be held. The party was located at Knightgf's house. At the house, most people played fortress wars. One group was defending the fortress while the other group was invading it. After playing fortress wars, most people teleported to Castle Wars where everyone went into different teams and played a few games.