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The 2010 Spring Wikifest is now over. We hope you all had fun!

Flowers (mixed).pngSpring Wikifest 2010Flowers (pastel).png
Welcome to the Spring Wikifest 2010! We have a lot scheduled for this quarterly fest, so we hope to see you there. If you have any questions or comments, leave them on the discussion forum, though we are trying to avoid any more changes as of now.
When will this be?
UTC Pacific Mountain Central Eastern    UK    Europe East Aus
8:00 pm
Mon, 20 Mar
1:00 pm
Mon, 20 Mar
2:00 pm
Mon, 20 Mar
3:00 pm
Mon, 20 Mar
4:00 pm
Mon, 20 Mar
8:00 pm
Mon, 20 Mar
9:00 pm
Mon, 20 Mar
7:00 am
Tue, 21 Mar

World: 29

What will we be doing?
Event Time (GMT) Notes Event leader
Meet N' Greet 20:00-20:20 Meet at the third floor of the Varrock Palace (the roof, with the guards). You can take that time to hang out with other wikians while we wait for everyone to show up. Make sure you have your costumes ready for the contest, and members should have their costumes ready before they enter world 29 which is f2p. Stelercus
Costume Contest 20:20-20:35 Get your crazy costume together for the contest! Everyone will line up on the walls at the top of the palace for the judgment. The costumes will be judged by best three f2p and best three member costumes, then you get to pick the winners. Judges are Telos, Swizzl3d, and Karimabuseer.
Hide and Seek Lumbridge and Draynor 20:35-21:00 We will all teleport to Lumbridge using home port at once (won't that be cool?) to set off our game of hide and seek. The boundary for the hiders will be the patches to the north, the edge of the swamp to the south, the Al Kharid gate to the east, and the Draynor Starting Area Guards to the west. See if you can find the hiders before anyone else!

Hiders will be picked at the event (or if you signed up ahead of time)

Race to the Cabbage Patch 21:00-21:20 Time for our race to the cabbage patch, but we will be taking the long way for this one. We will have marker plants set up along the path that you will be expected to follow (no reward, so there is no good reason to cheat) to get there, or you can look at this handy little map. Racing boots will not be used due to the large crowd, but you should start running when the Master of Races gives you the okay. Swizzl3d and Stelercus
Cabbage Bomb Chaos at the GE 21:20-21:30 Once we get to the cabbage patch, pick up as many as you can! We will be taking these to the grand exchange to drop all over the place. We have been able to cover the entire exchange with this before, so let's see if we can break that record! Stelercus
Duel Arena 21:30-22:00 Do you ever feel the need to swing a sword at somebody? Throw a rotten tomato? Now is your chance! We will be moving from the Grand Exchange to the Duel Arena to do just that. Ignore any references to a Tournament made in the past, as we do not have enough time to effectively organize such a thing. Stelercus
Fist of Guthix 22:00-22:30 In continuation with our PVP theme, we will then travel up to the Fist of Guthix Arena to fight our fellow wikians, Guthixian style. Stelercus
Clan Wars 22:30-Unspecified To end this Wikifest, we will be splitting off into two clan chats for a friendly clan war. The rules will be stalk to 50 kills, all combat types allowed, food, potions, all allowed. Multiway combat is encouraged, but not required after the first war (assuming we will do more than one). The clan chats will be Swizzl3d and Chess1242
Who is in charge?
Fest Chair Stelercus
Fest Moderators
Telos RSW Swizzl3d
Backup Fest Moderators
ChickenSeven Usurper Fuji


File:Cabbagebombfest0310.png|thumb|Grand Exchange Cabbage Bombing!

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Hiders[edit source]

Add your name here if you want to hide.

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