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The Wikifest is a seasonal community event held in-game for members of the RuneScape Wiki. They are held to celebrate the wiki's progress, to help the community grow closer, and most of all, for the enjoyment of all. A wikifest is essentially an in-game festival at which wiki members can participate in activities which are traditional party events in RuneScape.

Organisation[edit source]

Wikifests are organised entirely by volunteer wiki members, with much planning and preparation leading up to each one. Events were formerly agreed upon in discussions in the Yew Grove, but are now planned by Events Team members.

Event schedule[edit source]

Each wikifest follows a schedule of events which is pre-organized by volunteer wiki members. The schedule may vary slightly for each wikifest, but is usually similar to previous schedules. A example of a typical schedule for a wikifest:

Event Time
Meet 'n' Greet 0:00 - 0:10
Costume Contest 0:10 - 0:30
Hide 'n' Seek 0:30 - 0:50
Cabbage patch chaos 0:50 - 1:05
GE Cabbage Bombing 1:05 - 1:15
Fist of Guthix 1:15 - 1:55
Duel Arena 1:55 - 2:30?
Hunt 'n' Seek 2:30 - 2:45
Clan Wars 2:45 - 3:15

Moderators/volunteers[edit source]

Each wikifest is managed by several volunteers who regulate the events and control them so that everything goes as scheduled. While all wiki members are welcome to participate, volunteer, and help out with planning and organizing, moderators have additional responsibilities. Moderators may perform as judges and give out rewards in contests and other events. While any user can volunteer to be a moderator, they must be approved by the current moderators.

Volunteers are not the same as wiki administrators. While moderators are often administrators, this is not a requirement to be a moderator. The only requirement to be a moderator is to be trusted and active within the wiki community.