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Welcome to RSW!

Clan cloak equipped (fealty rank 0, female).png

RSW is a relaxed and friendly social clan for players who use and/or edit the RuneScape Wiki. We are a diverse and friendly group of people who like to chat while playing RuneScape, and we are always looking for new clan members! Our clan is open to all players, including free-to-play and Ironman mode players.

Clan features:

  • Fully upgraded Clan Citadel where clan members can work on their skills.
  • Access to skilling and resource gathering buffs from clan avatars.
  • Community events, hosted by the wiki's Events Team, are open to clan members and non-clan members.
  • All clanmates are encouraged participate in clan discussions and are welcome to initiate discussions of changes to clan.
  • Our main home world is world 39 (US); alternative home worlds are 49 (Australia), 139 (UK), and 41 (F2P).

Members of the clan are not required to be editors of the wiki but are encouraged to create an account so that they may comment on clan-related discussions that take place on the site. Due to the limitation on the number of players that can be in a clan, we ask that each player has no more than two accounts in RSW at one time. Players are welcome to join the clan chat as a guest while playing on alternate accounts.

Additionally, we will periodically remove inactive clan mates, defined as those who have not gained any experience in the past month, in order to maintain spaces for new clan members. Ironmen, Hardcore Ironmen, and any secondary accounts are subject to the same inactivity conditions as other clan members, and they are also identical in terms of ranking up (i.e., the secondary account can claim the same rank as the primary account.)

Our clan chat is open to guests. Players who may be interested in joining the clan are welcome to visit our chat and find out more about our community. If you want to become a member of RSW, please read the clan information and rules found on this page and then ask in the clan chat for a clanmate to invite you to the clan. Any clan member with the rank of corporal or above is able to invite players to the clan.

  • See RS:CC/C for information about RSW's clan citadel.
  • See RS:ET for information on the wiki's Events Team and to find out about upcoming events.
  • See RS:CC/I to find out about what happens in the event of clan members becoming inactive.


Clan rules and policies are based upon discussions that take place on the wiki; significant changes to the clan rules or processes should be discussed on the Yew Grove.

  1. Players must follow the rules of RuneScape while using the clan chat. Remember that any RuneScape rule breaking that occurs in the clan chat is reportable and may result in your account being muted or banned.
  2. Relevant RuneScape Wiki policies apply, such as:
    • RS:UTP (be nice)
    • RS:TROLL (don't feed the trolls)
    • RS:GAME (don't play rules against each other to circumvent the spirit of them)
    • RS:STATUS (your rank or wiki status doesn't make your opinions any more or less valid)
    • RS:UCS (use common sense)
  3. All players who are using the clan chat are to be treated fairly and equally and are expected to abide by the rules of the clan, regardless of their clan chat rank or status on the wiki.
  4. No flaming of clan chat members, guests or users on the wiki.
  5. Profanity is allowed in the clan chat; however, use of derogatory or discriminatory language and use of profanity in personal attacks targeted at other clan members is not acceptable. Additionally, you may be asked to stop if your use of profanity is excessive. Players who do not want to see profanity can turn on the in-game profanity filter.
  6. No spamming, including overuse of quickchat feature for the purpose of annoying others.
  7. Players should keep conversations mature and cool-headed. Please be respectful of others when discussing controversial topics such as politics, religion, and morality, and remember that the clan is made up of people from a range of backgrounds and cultures and is an LGBT+ friendly space.
  8. If another user asks you to stop a discussion–e.g., because it is becoming offensive/inflammatory or making them uncomfortable–then please do so. Players may contact a ranked clan chat member via private message to ask them to intervene on their behalf if they are uncomfortable with a discussion that is taking place in the clan chat. Players should be reasonable and not try to end discussion of legitimate topics that they do not like.
  9. English is the language spoken by the majority of clan members. If a user asks you to stop conversing in another language because it is limiting clan members' ability to join in conversation, please do so.
  10. Users who have been blocked from the wiki may still be a member of the clan chat, unless they have been blocked for a violation of UTP.
  11. If a wiki administrator's or bureaucrat's rights are removed for negative reasons, then their clan chat rank shall also be removed.
  12. Users are allowed two (2) accounts per person. Ranks can be given to both accounts. Each account is expected to independently meet the clan activity requirements.

Dealing with rule breakers

  • Players who break clan rules may be given one or more warnings at the discretion of a ranked clan chat member.
  • More serious breaches of the clan rules or ignoring warnings may result in a user being kicked from the clan. If a guest is kicked, they will be unable to rejoin the clan chat for an hour. If a clan member is kicked, they will be removed from the clan and may only become a member of the clan again if they are invited back.
  • Persistently disruptive players may be banned from the clan by being placed on the clan’s block list for a definite or indefinite period of time. Players on the block list will be unable to enter the clan chat. See RS:BLOCKED for a list of players who are currently banned from the clan.

If you believe a user has behaved inappropriately without being punished, contact a clan admin to notify them. If no admins are currently available in-game, you can contact one using an alternate method, for example their talk page, the on-site chat or discord, providing screenshots of incidents if possible.

Ranking system

See RS:RANKS for a list of currently ranked users and for a more detailed guide of the permissions/abilities associated with each rank and to find out how to use these abilities.

Here is an overview of the ranks used in RSW and the abilities associated with them. Higher ranked clan members have the abilities of lower ranks in addition to those associated with their current rank.

Rank Abilities Obtained by
Guest Can talk in the clan chat Joining the clan chat
Recruit clan rank.png
Can collect resources/skill in the clan citadel
Can use the resource checker
Accept an invitation to join RSW
Corporal clan rank.png
Can invite other players to join the clan Given out to active/trusted clan mates by higher ranked clan members. Clan members who wish to have the ability to invite other players to the clan may ask any admin+ to be given the corporal rank.
Sergeant clan rank.png
Kick players who are guests in the clan chat Was given to players who held the lieutenant rank before requests for lieutenant were closed.
Lieutenant clan rank.png
Same as Sergeants No longer in use
Captain clan rank.png
Can create events on clan noticeboard
Can edit the clan battlefield
Players who are current members of the Events Team, following a request for Events Team membership
General clan rank.png
Same as Captains No longer in use; was given to players who were forum admins before the removal of the wiki forum.
Admin clan rank.png
Can kick guests and clan members
Can edit ranks of clan members below them
Can prevent clan members with lower ranks from entering the clan citadel
Clan members who have requested the rank and administrators of the wiki.
Organiser clan rank.png
Greater ability to edit the citadel, e.g., marking building and skill plots for upgrade or downgrade, locking skill plots, setting objectives for resource gathering May be requested when necessary
Coordinator clan rank.png
Same as Administrators Not in use
Overseer clan rank.png
Can change edit rank of lower ranked clan members, including organisers and administrators, and remove them from the clan Clan members who have requested the rank and bureaucrats of the wiki.
Deputy Owner
Deputy owner clan rank.png
Can edit the rank of lower ranked clan members, including overseers, and remove them from the clan
Become owner of the clan in the event of current owner leaving
Generally not given out
Owner clan rank.png
Can edit the rank of all clan members, including deputy owners, and remove them from the clan
Can kick an unlimited number of players for the clan (other ranks may kick a maximum of 2 people per day)
Change citadel build tick
Unable to be given out

Clan discussions and requests for clan chat rank

All clan members are welcome to initiate discussions concerning issues with or changes to the running of the clan. These threads should be posted on the wiki’s yew grove, where they take place alongside discussion of other matters relating to the wiki.

Clan members may request a clan chat rank by creating a thread on the wiki. Players are encouraged to comment on these requests to discuss the suitability of the candidate. Please see the more specific information which outlines requirements/nomination standards for different types of request:

  • Requests for Events Team membership – see RFET.
  • Requests for clan chat rank – see RS:RFR. Requests are most commonly made for the clan administrator rank, though requests for other clan ranks, e.g., organiser, may also be made in this section.
  • Requests for rights on the wiki – see RS:RFA. Wiki users who are requesting administrator or bureaucrat rights on the wiki should specify if they wish to gain administrator or overseer clan chat ranks during their request.

The shortcut RS:AD can be used to view all discussions currently taking place on the wiki.