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Issue #10

A great amount of concern has begun to rise up among the adventurer population of the world (not that them getting excited seems to be anything new).

Recently, adventurers report being enveloped by a “strange power”. When asked to provide further details, one stated, “I flew up into the air, surrounded in a red cloud. I was filled with such an incredible surge of power; I thought someone had shot me with a spell! When I landed, I was facing northeast.” Other ramblings from their crowd include some mention of two Mahjarrat that were previously locked in a struggle beneath the sands of the Kharid desert in some sort of temple. Clearly, the circumstances of this occurrence are far from coincidental.

Other denizens of RuneScape have felt this power as well, notable examples being the seers, who begin conversations with a mention of an incredible dark power and a moonstruck look. But, they seem to rebound fairly quickly. As for other famous mystics, such as the Oracle and Gypsy Aris, they seem to not have been affected. Either that or they are very good at hiding their reaction. The average, everyday residents of Gielinor seem to have no comment on this matter.

Sightings of a mysterious castle have also been seen by a few foolhardy adventurers on a peninsula off of the west coast of the wilderness. Unfortunately, the Fremenniks have beaten us to the scene, and have sealed off the area. The two left to guard the entrance, simply referring to themselves as Torsteg and Hilda, have been very unhelpful in allowing us to investigate the matter. One helpful thing that we have learned is their reference to the strange power, which hints a connection. The two guards seem very dedicated to themselves, denying access to even those who have passed their own trials and saying that their brothers are risking their lives. All of this, on top of what must have been a dangerous journey sailing around the north of the frozen north and the Wilderness says that whatever is there is very dangerous.

We have obtained photos of this area using combined resources from gnome glider mappings and adventurer experts using a long-distance viewing orb. There seems to be a castle, surrounded in ice, and an encampment just south. Sadly, due to the nature of the orb, the adventurers were not able to tell exactly WHAT was in the area.

More coverage to follow.

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