RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #10: "Land serpents" spotted near desert and jungle areas

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Issue #10

By: Tienjt0

Recently, reports of huge mysterious worms have been heard all over Gielinor.

Several citizens of the desert city Al-Kharid have reported sightings of large worm-like creatures beyond a stile east of the Al-Kharid palace. They are described as having the appearance of "land serpents, colored like sand, with claws for teeth and flat horseshoe heads." Some people reported seeing specks of sand shimmering around them like a force field.

Ranael, a woman who owns an armour shop in the city, claims to have witnessed one of the creatures killing a young man who ventured into the area. "It was horrible!" cried Ranael. "The… thing just burrowed underground and then shot back up, and he was thrown away like a broken doll." The man, whose identity remains unknown, has not had his body recovered yet (nobody has volunteered to recover it either).

Al-Kharid authorities are worried about this possible new threat. "We've never seen anything like this," said Hassan, current acting ruler of the city in place of the Emir. "The creatures will have to be monitored closely for the safety of our people. Right now, we can only hope that they don't decide to burrow beneath our fences and enter the city."

Residents of the exotic jungle south of Yanille have also reported sightings of these giant worms in the western reaches of the jungle. However, according to a woman who lives in a small cabin in the heart of the jungle, they seem to be more colorful than their desert counterparts. No deaths have been reported in the area. Further information is unavailable because of the lack of people who live near the area, although some authorities plan to brave the jungle and visit the nearby ogress city of Oo'glog to get more information.

There are rumors of giant ice worms living in a cave east of Rellekka, but this is unconfirmed. People across the land have met a mysterious person with a strange staff who claims to have retrieved it from killing one of the icy worms. He did not specify the location of the cave. This has resulted from an uproar from adventurers, some calling him a liar and others trying to find the cave for themselves.

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