RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #6: Interview with Evil Yanks

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Issue #6

Ruudvan10000 interviews Evil yanks[edit source]

Hello, Evil yanks. Thank you for agreeing to take this interview.

That is okay; it is an honour to be interviewed.

Was it a surprise?

Very. I don't think that I am interesting enough to be interviewed.

Oh really? Why?

I don't feel that I do anything interesting on the wiki. I don't really do anything unique that nobody else can do. I mainly just check spelling and revert vandalism. Boring.

But Evil, your edits still make a difference, even if they are small; they still add up. You wouldn't have been given administrative rights if you didn't make a difference.

I am not saying that I don't make a difference; I just don't do anything unique. Morian Smith creates amazing history articles, Quarenon does everything HTML, Degenret acts reclusive. I just revert vandalism and act civil.

Is there anything on the wiki that you regret doing in your time?

The most obvious one was what happened in the clan chat when I first discovered it. I was brand new in the chat, and the conversation went to swear words that were not censored. For some reason since we were talking about them, I decided it would be a good idea to give an example of how you could say the "f" word uncensored. I am amazed that I was not kicked for it...

Haha. How many ranked people were in the clan chat at the time?

I would say about half a dozen. I apologised profusely after it since I realised what I did.

Ok, now I’m going to ask you a couple of quick-fire questions:

What would you say your favourite type of food is (Chinese, Italian, etc.)?
Curries, I love them! Or would that be called Indian food?
Yep, I think so.
What would you say (if you liked them) your favourite car is?
I don't have one. I have no interest whatsoever in cars.
How old are you?
Do you plan to have a car when you are older?
Yep, though it will be something boring like a Toyota...

How did you feel when Degenret nominated you for adminship?

Honoured and shocked simultaneously. I really wasn't expecting it so it was a nice surprise.

Would you say you've had more attention as an administrator?

Attention from who?
Users in general.
I don't think so. I have not noticed anything so I don't think so.

Have there been any funny times as an administrator?

I have only been an admin for a fortnight, so there hasn't really been much of a chance for anything funny to happen. I am still the same as I was pre-admin; I just have a green name now.

Is there anybody who inspires you on the wiki?

This is a strange choice, and he has no idea but I am inspired by Morian Smith the most. I am jealous of his natural talent to put together gripping articles on more obscure topics, and have a few times have tried to write one, though I can never come close to the quality of his work.
I wrote that sentence horribly Lol

What would you say your best edit at the moment is?

I have never really made any major edits to the wiki that are noteworthy... when I first joined the wiki I added a lot to the Forum page, though that was ages ago. That was just quantity though, not quality.
(I struggled with that question.)
I could tell. ^^

I'm just going to depict a scene here:

What if somebody went up to you on RuneScape and said, "Do you know any RuneScape fansites that are good?" What would you say?
I would either just say "Sorry, no" or "I like the RuneScape equivalent of FunOrb Wiki".

If you can answer this, would you say that you are a good editor?

I would say that I am a good editor. There are many, many more editors that are better than me though.

What are your views of vandalism?

Based on how other people respond, I get the impression that I am kind to vandals. With the exception of over-the-top racism or language, I will always give a warning. I find that vandalism is due to people thinking that they are anonymous rather than because they want to disrupt the wiki.

Do you tend to use the rollback feature more than the undo, or the other way round?

I use rollback much more then undo. Undo is used if the edit can be salvaged into a constructive sentence. Rollback is for a bad edit. IMO, undoing an edit but not leaving a message is the same as rollbacking.

Ok, just a few more questions:

What pages do you edit the most?
Most of my edits will have been on mainspace pages with lots of text. This is because they are the most likely to have spelling mistakes, though.
You have become rather a legend at correcting spelling. What made you pick spelling over other subjects?
The main reason for spelling is because I have a spell-check automatically on Firefox that only uses British spelling. It isn't a great story.
Finally, what do you aim to do on the wiki in the future?
I don't have any big goals. I want to become more involved in the Yew Grove, I guess.

Ok then. Thank you, Evil yanks, for your time.

That is okay. Thanks for the questions.