RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #10: Druid discovers the art of 'familiarisation'

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Issue #10

Imagine you're visiting a small obelisk to recharge your Summoning energy. Suddenly, it starts sparkling brightly. With some help, you decide to project your mind into the obelisk and visit the spiritual realm where all familiars originate, also known as the Spirit Plane. There, you can float like a Spinner or stomp around as an Ice titan, collecting raw shards scattered across the mystical plane while avoiding certain familiars that are determined to force you back to the real world.

Sounds like a fantasy or something, right? Not according to Pikkenmix, a druid who studies the art of Summoning under his famous mentor Pikkupstix. "This is a breakthrough discovery!" exclaimed Pikkenmix in an interview this morning. "Familiarisation, or the practice of mentally connecting someone to the Spirit Plane, has been attempted for centuries with little success. Recently, we've been able to further familiarisation to the point where we can actually maintain a connection to the Spirit Plane for up to twenty minutes."

Those who are able to perform familiarisation cannot enter the Spirit Plane themselves. However, they can project other peoples' minds into the plane by using the power of an "active" obelisk. Only one obelisk is active at any time, and it can be distinguished by the intense light that will sparkle around it.

The process unfortunately drains much of the projector's energy, so the person being projected cannot stay for very long. In addition, after visiting the Spirit Plane, the person needs at least a week to recover from the process. According to Pikkenmix, it is "detrimental" to revisit the plane before recovery.

But what exactly is the point of visiting the Spirit Plane? "It's a beautiful place," said Pikkenmix. "It's rather interesting to see all these familiars prancing about their home. Other than that, there's no real reason for a human to be visiting the Spirit Plane. "But," said Pikkenmix, "There are piles of raw shards scattered around the Spirit Plane that we can use to create spirit shards. So, in return for the ability to enter the Spirit Plane, we would like our subjects to collect them for us."

However, collecting raw shards is not as straightforward as it sounds. "You see," Pikkenmix explained. "The native familiars don't like intruders very much. When you are projected into the Spirit Plane, I will transform you into a random familiar to reduce your chances of being identified as an intruder. Unfortunately, due to the mystical, otherworldly nature of the Spirit Plane, sooner or later you will be recognized. Some familiars may even sense that you're not one of their kind from the very moment you step into their home."

Luckily, one cannot be harmed in the Spirit Plane. "Rather, the familiars will try to drive you out by draining the energy being used to keep you there. Once this energy is depleted, you will return to reality."

Pikkenmix mentioned that if enough raw shards are collected, he may offer a "blessing" to the individual. He declined to elaborate further on the subject. "It'll be worth your time. Triply," he stated with a wink.

Pikkenmix will be taking his first volunteers tomorrow. "Pikkupstix and I will work together to make the process easier," he said. "Basically, all you need to do is visit Pikkupstix in his cottage in Taverly Village. There, he will tell you the location of the currently active obelisk, which is where I'll be."

"Familiarisation is pretty much a game," concluded Pikkenmix. "Get the shards, reap the rewards, which are-- Woops, almost gave it away there."

By: Tienjt0
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