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Issue #10

I have had problems with my laptop; so unfortunately, Chapter V will not be ready in time. It should be in next issue, in the meantime I have written this. Enjoy!

It was almost time. The stars were aligned, and the Mahjarrat waited for the eclipse. Lamistard was trapped with unbreakable bonds of Shadow Magicks. He was weak for a Mahjarrat, but still had great power. His captor, Zemouregal paced as he waited in anticipation, but everyone else stood still. A hooded creature sat on a dark throne and watched his minions.

Everything went dark as the moon passed over the sun. Zemouregal released the bonds of Lamistard. The hunt had begun. Zemouregal swung his sword at the legs of the victim. Lamistard howled as black blood trickled from the gaping wound. The Mahjarrat rushed towards him, like vultures toward a jackal’s corpse. Lucien stood besides the stone altar and waited for them to have their fun.

Soon, Hazeel dragged Lamistard’s half-dead body towards the altar and bowed towards the seated figure. Lucien took out a curved dagger.

“Dost thou have any last words?” asked Lucien.

“Aye, I do indeed Lucien, you oath-breaker. Thou knowest that ye be a traitor. Zaros may have fallen to you and Zamorak’s wicked scheme. But I say this unto thee. Zaros will return and he shall bring a terrible vengeance.”

With this, Lucien plunged the dagger in Lamistard’s heart. A green smoke came from Lamistard’s nostrils and entered every Mahjarrat’s mouth. They felt their strength returning. Their gaunt bodies began to grow to their natural forms. Lucien felt young again. He felt more alive than ever before, but he also felt something else. Was it fear of the Empty Lord’s return? No. It was confidence. When the time was right, he would make his move. He would overthrow Zamorak.

To Be Continued…

By: Andrew the Ripper
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