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Issue #14

Picture it. Three unused Iron rocks, next to a bank deposit box. "Yes," you shout, "All mine!" You mine happily for hours, gaining fast experience, without a care in the world. You level your Mining twice in this time. And then they come. Normally, there is only one to start with, but they smell an occupied spot a mile away, and descend on the rocks. Your XP rate suffers. Still they come. You start having to actually compete for the rocks. Suddenly, you are only receiving two ore per minute. One argument later, you can bear no more, and start the dreary process of hopping around worlds to find another unoccupied spot.

How are spot-stealers made? Is it just that they're selfish? They don't care about others? Or don't they know that they're ruining the game for everyone else? Once, a spot-stealer actually told me to hop, and waited for me to go, before he got bored of waiting and mined the rocks anyway! "Hop please", I said. "NO!" came the reply, "I'm training!" It is pointless to reason with them. They ignore the anger you inject into each keystroke, and continue to destroy the game for everyone.

Spot-stealers are behind my annoyingly low Mining level. I had hoped to finish Defender of Varrock before my membership credit ran out, but no, the countless spicy stews refused to yield a +4 boost, and when I tried to quickly gain the two levels I needed, my spot was crashed. Not once. Not twice. Four times. Four players given the honour of being added to my ignore list. Four players, in an attempt to stop them crashing others, were reported for disruptive behaviour...which was a long shot, but worth a try anyway. Is spot-stealing classed as disruptive behaviour anyway?

By: Real Not Pure
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