RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #5: The Life of a Macroer

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Issue #5

Written by: Youdead00

Have you ever seen a bot? Bots are gamers who are too lazy to play RuneScape. A bot is just a stupid jerk trying to zoom through the hiscores of other players that actually played. A macroer is a person seeking fame and money on RuneScape. A macroer is like a fake superhero that has no guts to actually do the work! They just sit back, do something else, and come back 12 hours later to see their stats! It's just plain lazy! I mean, real work can be hard, but computer work? A macroer is just a person not wanting to bother with skilling. Thankfully, Jagex created random events. Sadly, some real players disliked this for they were attacked most of the time. Jagex then banned about 90% of all macroers and retired annoying random events.

I don't tolerate macroers at all. Thanks to Jagex, the macroer population has gone down 90% (I think). RuneScape players now know the cost of AFK-ing (AFK means "away from keyboard"). Most players are skilling by themselves, and life is normal. Bots are no longer invading RuneScape. Jagex has banned almost all of them that they would never return. Jagex has destroyed macroing, scamming, and other hackers. However, mods beware! There may be more in the shadows!

Think about it, if a player is good in RuneScape, then why should he/she cheat? I think you should think twice about installing software that will get you banned.

I like playing RuneScape. I just do not like people cheating as much as possible. It is just plain stupid.

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