RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #4: The Joys of Construction

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Issue #4

Written by: Mr. Garrison

Why do I do it? Well, I get asked this a lot by other players, especially if they've looked me up on the hiscores. I'm on the higher side of level 70 Construction, and have been doing it for two years nearly, though in the last 16 months I've only increased by a pathetic 3 levels. Then again, I've had a slow computer to contend with and other commitments taking up time.

Enough about me, now construction has always been a passion of mine because the houses look so brilliant, and if you get level 99, everyone knows you're incredibly rich or completely mad, though I'm hoping for the former of the two. Though as we all know, it's very time consuming, and even worse... coin consuming. My friends will laugh themselves to zero Hitpoints when I tell them I've spent nearly 50 million coins (I think, and I hope) and tell me I could be training my Attack/Strength/Defence up. Though why do that? Lots of people gain high combat, but not many do Construction, so essentially it's a challenge. And I like challenges.

If you've ever started out Construction poor (and been unable to purchase planks at the Grand Exchange) you'll remember that tedious and irritating walk to the Sawmill with an inventory of 28 oak logs and... no! I've forgotten the money, back I go, wasting all the run energy to collect the coins. Then back to the sawmill (at a slower pace) and then walk back with a mere 27 planks and a loss of several thousand coins. Nowadays though, a few thousand coins means little to me, so I'm much happier to just buy my planks over at the Exchange, and it saves me having to do that irritating journey to the sawmill, sick of seeing the same players killing the same three guards. At least you get the excitement of seeing the wheelbarrow man from the Digsite every now and then. Plus, I've ignored that you've got to waste hours cutting trees to get the logs first...

The thing I hate doing most is building things I know I'm going to remove, especially if it has a gold leaf in it. So now I only build something if it's the last in a list (like the most high-levelled games, rooms, treasure chest, or lectern). Though this does mean a lot less variety on things to build.

Construction does have its brilliant moments though, like the time when I put in those first two skeletons in my dungeon, and even if they were level 20... I was in control of them. Then again, they were built a year late for a house party I hosted which lasted about 25 seconds until my computer froze for the umpteenth time.

Another great thing, and probably the best thing, is that everybody who goes in your high level house comments how good it is, because people love seeing a player-owned house, but they'd never be bothered to build one themselves! Then again, it is boring when they want to play about ten games of Fairy Hide and Seek, or Hangman. So usually I will lead them straight to the Portal Room and send them out. A house is a good place to get away from everyone else (especially when there is lag), and I know I'd be straight in there with the portal locked if ever there was another player massacre..