RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #6: The Arrogance of Players

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Issue #6

As some of you may know, I own a Green Halloween Mask and my combat level is 63. Frankly, I think nothing of it, but due to my relatively low combat level, people instantly assume that I borrowed it. This is incredibly arrogant. When I am chopping yew trees, somebody walks by and says, "Nice borrowed mask." I mention that I own it, and the person says "Lol, yea right. Noob."

I'm sorry you can't handle the fact that I had more pixel money than you at one point, but I did actually spend millions of pixel coins to obtain a mere line of code. Now, it gets worse when I show them the item in a trade. The response is somewhat humourous. "Idiot, all you do is play all day long. You must be fat and weigh over 200 pounds. Get a girlfriend, and not a RuneScape one."

Last February, I obtained the mask at combat level 60. I have been told this is quite impressive for my level, but as I mentioned before, I think little of it. Now I am level 63 and little has changed. This did not come easy as I had to get to a high Woodcutting level to get that much money. Though I do not remember what my level was at the time, it is 88 now. Most of that was earned while trying to get the mask. For the first little while, I was happy with my accomplishment, but now it is more of a burden than a luxury. It ultimately has made even more work for me for these reasons...

1) “How you make money?” You would think that only noobs ask me this, but people even up to level 100 ask me this on a regular basis. Are they just interested? No. They actually plan to apply it. So, I could just say “Wc.” But I get asked this far too much. It gets aggravating.
2) "Lend mask pl0x." No. Go find your own. (When people say "plz" or "pl0x", it makes me mad.)
2.1) "Plz?" You can do better than that...
2.2) "Will pay 5k." 10k, then I will think about it, but I will still say no.
2.3) "I reported you!" GF.
3) "Nice borrowed mask." Good job, you arrogant snot. Not only have you assumed that I do not own this, but that anyone with a low combat level cannot possibly have more pixel money than yourself. You could probably crush Bill Gates in real life, up until he hires an assassin with some diamonds he found under the couch cushions.

While talking to one of our site bureaucrats, Dtm, he told me that whenever he shows people his collection of rares, he is informed that he plays all day and weighs over 300 pounds. There is something wrong with that argument. If somebody plays all day, they would be quite thin as they would never eat and therefore weigh far less than 300 pounds. The other problem is that when you resort to harassing people in that manner, you fail.

So the question remains: How do I get around this? I have tried, and I finally figured out what the answer is: You don't. You have to live with it. Forever.

By: Stelercus
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