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Issue #5

Written by: Tienjt0. This is now outdated, but you may still find it a good read.

On 15 July 2009, Jagex made a few changes to PvP worlds, the most drastic being the disablement of the Protect Item prayer. The PKing community went into an uproar after hearing this; hundreds of players were on the RuneScape Forums, flaming Jagex and threatening to quit, and several large riots occurred in-game. What is the point of PKing if you can’t protect at least one of your items?

Aside from the fact that these players were too accustomed to PKing safely to accept the 15 July update, it is clear that PKers brought this update upon themselves.

If PKers stopped cheating their way around the system, Jagex would not have found the need to stop them. Think about it: PKers have known for a long time that Jagex would eventually try to solve the problem of 26king. I mean, Jagex even confirmed that they would think about a solution. But apparently they did not care; all they wanted was money. Now, suppose that 26king did not exist. Everything would be fine, and Jagex would not have fixed anything because there would be no problem in the first place. Basically, what I am trying to say is if PKers quit messing around, then Jagex would quit messing around.

So really, it was the PKers and their eagerness for quick money that brought about this update. By trying to find loopholes, PKers were begging for a severe change in the PvP system. Now that 26king is gone and 76king is available, they’ll probably start doing that without thinking about the possible consequences. PKers need to learn to accept things the way they are, or else they will find their only source of entertainment degrading further and further.

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