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Issue #2

The Spring Wikifest got off to an early start on Saturday, 18 April, at around 13:00 UTC, those in the RuneScape Wiki Clan Chat headed over to Castle Wars for a few games. The Zamorak team won the first round, with Saradomin taking the second. Doucher4000 took credit for both wins, noting that he was on the Zamorak team when they won, and switched to the Saradomin team for their win.

The group then sailed over to the Void Knight Outpost for a few rounds of Pest Control. Boarding the novice boat, the participants of the fest successfully defended the Void Knight in each game.

Next, off to Fishing Trawler, Nacho Novo9 expertly directed the fishing wikians on their boating trip. The group then played Stealing Creation.

The festival officially kicked off at 20:00 UTC with the costume competition, held at the Jolly Boar Inn, east of Varrock. With dozens of oddly-dressed wikians crowded into the bar, Bluesonic43, Dtm142, and Frede173 captured the judges' eye for the best dressed wikian.

After a quick trip to the bank (with most wikians preferring not to change their costumes), the group formed a congo line. Lead by Doucher4000, they walked out to the Clan Wars Challenge Hall. Splitting their time between the safe free-for-all portal and the safe Clan Wars portal, members bashed each other for the rest of the hour. C Teng attempted to lure wikians into the dangerous free-for-all (FFA) portal, but only Nacho Novo9 was brave enough to take up the challenge.

Forming another train, Doucher4000 then led the battered-but-cheerful group on a short tour of the Wilderness, ending in Edgeville and a raid on the Stronghold of Security. Wikians flooded the Stronghold floors, quickly clearing the rooms of monsters. (I myself witnessed only one wikian death, and his grave was quickly blessed.)

While the group cleaned up the Stronghold, Jediadam4 snuck over to Varrock and announced it was time for Hide and Seek. Elven boy75 quickly found him, and many barely had time to reach Varrock before the game was over.

Following the brief game of Hide and Seek, the group raided Falador, confusing poor villagers as much as themselves.

A great time was had by all. All events were well attended, ranging from 12 or so folks playing Pest Control to dozens participating in the costume contest.

Written by: Horsehead Talk 17:09, 19 April 2009 (UTC)

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