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Issue #2

As one begins in the RuneScape world, most start with a sense of adventure, an excitement of a new game, and a desire to hack and slash through everything. Many players begin looking for that bronze longsword to kill some goblins and get their 3 coins. Jagex has geared and steered most players towards the melee path, and most choose to go that way. The Ranged path may be a better one, but Jagex will never let that happen...

First, let us compare combat styles, weapons and the like. There are very few Ranged weapons to begin with: bows, crossbows, knives, darts, thrownaxes, javelins, and chinchompas. I am leaving out throwing rings, and salamanders (due to cost and non-use). Of those items, only bows, crossbows, knives (somewhat) and chinchompas are practical. Javelins are too slow, thrownaxes are virtually non-existent, and darts are rarely made.

Melee, on the other hand, has countless variety. Longswords, daggers, scimitars, whips, two-handed swords, mauls, maces, battleaxes, spears, and claws. All of these are used frequently. All have different styles, and preferences. For example, look at the Barrows brothers. There are 6 brothers: four using melee, one using Ranged, and one using Magic. Karil's crossbow is weaker than a rune crossbow, uses special bolts and has the wonderful special of lowering Agility. Meanwhile, the melee brothers have a healing set, a set that hits though Prayer protections, a set that can hit harder than almost everything in the game, and a great defensive set. Great rewards indeed.

The God Wars Dungeon rewards the player with an amazing melee two-handed sword, two other melee weapons, and a magic staff. No Ranged weapons. The Barbarian skills teaches players how to make hastas, another melee weapon. Jagex caters to the melee community with strong weapons, and high-priced items. The most costly Ranged item is the Dark bow at 812,923 coins. The cheapest godsword goes for over 18 million coins. In addition, godswords have almost double the speed compared to that of the dark bow. Dark bows are so painfully slow, your kills can be stolen from other players between shots!

Melee players will argue about the Dwarf multicannon. Cannons, while they are helpful, are probably the most annoying weapon in the game. How many times has someone set up a cannon and stolen all your kills. Cannon users are frowned upon in the community, and therefore, used in only certain circumstances. The cost of cannonballs is extremely high (533 coins each) and not practical for everyday use, like melee weapons are.

There are currently only 7 quests that reward Ranged equipment. The total amount of experience gained is 22,922. 16 quests give Strength experience (with 148,624 experience), 15 give Attack experience (85,337), and 13 give Defence experience (106,487). Adding in experience rewards from choice rewards, the skill with the highest amount of experience rewards is Strength (with 284,149.5 experience rewards), followed by Defence (257,122), Attack (230,862), and Magic (225,912.5). Clearly, Jagex favours melee players and disregards the Rangers.

Minigames also are geared towards melee. Pest Control is one of the easiest ways to gain experience. Not only do you rarely see Rangers in Pest Control, the rewards are also geared towards the meleer! You receive more experience in melee than in Ranged per point. Ranged has no minigames geared towards it. Anyone who brings up the Ranging Guild game gets a smack! Here is a list of some minigames:

The rest of the mingames do not give melee experience or Ranged (for the most part). Gnomeball does give ranged experience, but I dare you to find a game.

In conclusion, until Jagex decides to do anything for the Ranged community, it will continue to be the third class in the combat triangle.

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