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Issue #15

PJ'ing & Luring[edit source]

Ah, the most annoying thing when PK'ing (player killing), the process of Player Jacking. After killing somebody and looting their rotting corpses in the charred earth of the Wilderness, someone around your level seemingly comes out of nowhere and proceeds to attack you while still low on health, prayer, and food due to the previous fight. He kills you, and of course you feel angry; but of course, nothing can be done.

What is PJ'ing?[edit source]

This dishonorable act is frowned upon the majority of the PK'ing community, as PJ'ing is basically 'taking a cheap shot on an already-weakened player' with a fancy name. I myself been PJ'ed quite a few times, before the removal of Free Trade and the Wilderness, when I was actually good at PK'ing and not too many overpowered pures and zerkers were about. PJ'ers often carry runes to cast the binding spells or Ice spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook accompanied with the teleblock spells, as to prevent their weakened prey from escaping, and then proceed to quickly dispose of them with either a high hitting weapon such as an Armadyl godsword or a weapon that can deal multiple devastating hits at a time, such as the dragon dagger or dragon claws. Different methods are used, but these seem to be the most popular among PK'ers.

How can PJ'ing be prevented?[edit source]

Fear not, PJ'ing can be prevented. This just requires the Protect from Magic prayer or Deflect Magic curse, high-leveled "emergency" food (e.g. Rocktails) that you should save after your fight against a normal opponent, a dragon dagger (NEVER take dragon claws into the Wilderness, because of the constant threat of death and their insanely high value unless you don't care if you lose 20 million!), a single-click teleport, and some common sense. If you're past the level 20 limit in the Wilderness, bring along with you an Amulet of Glory with at least one charge left, as its teleport works up to level 30 wilderness. Another strategy is to always fight near the Wilderness Wall, and never past level 20/30 wilderness.

Luring[edit source]

Ahh, another scam I fell for when I was an utter noob back in 2007. This scam involved someone luring another, unsuspecting player with the promise of gaining expensive/high leveled items. The lurer would have friends with the high-levelled Ice barrage at their arsenal slightly out of visible range. The lurer would proceed to drop semi-rare items (e.g. dragon platelegs or a dragon scimitar) and wait for the victim to go and attempt to pick up the items. The friends would proceed to kill the victim and loot him of his valuables and possessions. This is a reportable offense, as it falls under the category of scamming. This is also ban-able, so be wary when someone asks you to take part in a 'private' drop party. To prevent this, try and keep your private chat set to 'friends' (a way for lurers to communicate with you) and also to never follow someone to the Wilderness if they say that's where their drop party is.

By: -Stygmata-
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