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Issue #3

We've all seen, used, or hated them at one point, but do multi-combat areas really help? Okay, at this point, you're going to have to role-play a bit. Remember being a new player? How odd and faraway everything was? How easy it was to die?

Well, with the multi-combat zones, a higher-levelled player (if they so wish) could protect these so called "noobs" from dying. Why? Well, why do you do anything on RuneScape? For fun.

However, I digress. There is also some amount of opposition to these zones. "Kill stealers" are no fun really. These are the people who stand in multi-combat zones and kill everything, even if you beg them to stop. For lower-levelled players trying to train, these people can be a real nuisance. In addition, the idea of "multi-combat" applies to enemies as well, so they can "gang-up" on you.

Here's an example: just recently, I crossed the White Wolf Mountain alone. Or attempted, I should say. I was at the summit, and I had been waylaid by two White wolves. I knew I was in trouble, as these were the 50-odd level ones. I was Combat level 34 at the time. I died, losing a full set of Mithril armour, as well as 14 Dreadfowl pouches my friend was offering 15,000 coins for. At that time, 15,000 coins was a lot of money to me.

Some say there should be more of these multi-combat zones, while others say there should be less, or none at all. I, for one, believe that there should be more... many more. Indeed, the "kill stealers" are a nuisance, but you can always find somewhere else to train. And... by the gods, I just realised something. The people who say there should be none are actually kind of, unintelligent. Imagine this: Fighting the Corporeal Beast ALONE. Or the King Black Dragon with no one else to help. Even players with level 100 or more might not prefer the odds stacked against them.

So, you see, there are pros and cons to multi-combat zones. Thus, watch out for those crossed swords in the corner of your screen...

Written by: Am-say 21:42, 9 May 2009 (UTC)

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