RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #9: Gnome Restaurant Review

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Issue #9

I have picked my favorite minigame, the Gnome Restaurant, for my review.

I love the Gnome Restaurant minigame. It is a very fun minigame, if done right, but it is, in many ways, tragically ignored. On release, the minigame was undoubtedly a very popular choice, But now, years upon years later, it is very ignored. Many players fight for the sought after Gnome Goggles and Gnome scarf, as well as the much coveted mint cake, which is daily rising in price as a hard to obtain item. Many players even figure that the mint cake is obtained as a one-time reward from the Path of Glouphrie quest.

I find it to be a huge suprise that players don't play this game all day every day. Considering it gives low amounts of Cooking experience, and only requires 42 Cooking to be able to cook any of the foods in gnome cuisine, it is very easy to get the requirements for this minigame. It also gives many covetous rewards that can fetch millions in under a week. I recently played the minigame for about 5 days. I had a lot of bad luck with the Captains Daerkin and Ninto, who are the only two that can give the gnome goggles and scarf. They decided I only deserved a pair of goggles, so in that 5 days, I only made 1.3 millions coins. I have heard stories of friends on this very wiki that have managed to get 2-3 scarves in a day, meaning they make as much as 6-7M per day! But, besides these covetous rewards, players can get many other things such as gems, adamant crossbow bolts, key halves, and coins. In addition to this, you can premake all of the food you deliver and let it sit in the bank, and when it is time for the delivery, take it out of the banks right next to Gianne Junior, take the food out, and deliver away. A skillful user who has access to spirit trees, gliders, and fairy rings can make almost every delivery within 3 minutes, even if you make the food fresh every time.

Another helpful factor is that with every delivery you get points with the restaurant, and you can use the reward token to get extra food delivered on site. This can be VERY helpful if you are doing hard deliveries, because it can save the hassle of making the food, as these items that are delivered are not premade and can be delivered to people. These are especially useful if you are doing a delivery to Penwie, Brambickle, Wingstone, Ninto, or Daerkin, as they give you a better chance of getting there fast and receiving one of the three rarest items talked about above. I find this minigame to be very rewarding and fun, but ignored where ignorance should not be.--Cheers, Off-hand ascension crossbow.pngYodaAscension crossbow.png