RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #1: Every 99 is a real 99, and the analysis of PC Products

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Issue #1

Written by: InstantWinston

Hello, this is InstantWinston. I will be editorial-ing for you all pretty often. This topic is on my disappointment with people who tell a player with level 99 Cooking or Fletching (usually wearing an untrimmed cape) to get a "real" 99. Here is what I want to tell them: It is VERY real. See the skillcape?

I have noticed that most people who do this kind of stuff have one thing in common: An untrimmed Strength skillcape. I am guessing that they fall under the category of "testosterone-filled teenage boys who want to be the 1337-est by killing everything in sight". Basically, this type of player obsesses over the combat skills and holds all other skills in very low regard. My Thieving cape has even been targeted by this type of player, and most people I see either ignore me altogether or idolise my cape.

Apparently, according to the player, only combat skills are worth 99-ing because the others are all useless. On the topic of the "testosterone-filled teenage boys who want to be the 1337-est by killing everything in sight", or "PC Products" for short, I have even been trolled to the point of being reported under Rule 9 just for arguing back when accused of being a macro (long story, yes I was muted after all of this >_<) by a PC Product. This was before I ever got a skillcape.

This brings me to the bottom line of this brief editorial: The advice. InstantWinston says: All skillcapes are something to be proud of. Do what you want to do. It is just a game. Also, never take a PC Product seriously. Sorry if this came out a little rant-ish, I've wanted to get this off my chest for a long time. 00:39, 4 March 2009 (UTC)
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