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Issue #13

Dungeoneering: Skill or Minigame?[edit source]

After the release of the highly anticipated new skill on April 12, 2010, many users complained that Dungeoneering was not a skill at all; rather, it was a minigame. How much merit do those arguments have? In this editorial, the characteristics of skills and minigames will be analyzed. I, personally, did not like Dungeoneering very much. This is because Dungeoneering fits the characteristics of a minigame more than those of a skill.

Minigames are activities that take place in their own secluded area, which is generally blocked from access outside the minigame. For example, Barbarian Assault takes place in the penance caves underneath the Barbarian Outpost. Stealing Creation takes place in the newly discovered clay realm. Clan Wars takes place in certain battlefields. Castlewars takes place in the Castlewars arena. Soul Wars takes place on the Soul Wars island. Can those places be accessed outside the minigame? No. All of those are secluded areas that are limited to those playing the minigame. Now, let's compare that to Dungeoneering. Dungeoneering takes place exclusively within Daemonheim. Daemonheim is, conveniently, closed to everyone not playing Dungeoneering. The choice of Daemonheim as a venue for Dungeoneering makes it seem more like a minigame than a skill.

Furthermore, minigames feature their own currency for rewards after a specific task. Examples include Castlewars tickets, Soul Wars points, Barbarian Assault honor points, etc. Those are all rewarded at the end of a run in the minigame, and can be used to obtain prizes. The means to obtain them are also very specific: Capture the enemy's flag, kill the enemy avatar, and kill all the penance creatures, respectively. What about Dungeoneering tokens? They are rewarded at the end of any dungeon raid, along with Dungeoneering XP. If it wasn't for the fact that Dungeoneering XP had to be given, due to the fact Dungeoneering was released as a skill, Dungeoneering tokens bear a striking similarity to the other minigame reward methods. The task that is required to obtain the tokens is also very specific: one must navigate a certain dungeon, reach the end, and kill the boss. The randomness of each dungeon is irrelevent, as a choice is not presented for which dungeon to raid. This is similar to the method Stealing Creation worlds are made. Detractors may point out that Slayer points are also a minigame-like form of rewards; however, this is not entirely accurate. While it is true that slayer points are awarded at the end of every task, and may be traded in for rewards, the means for achieving slayer points is different. Slayer tasks are very broad, meaning that one has the choice to obtain slayer points almost anywhere in RuneScape. For example, a task of "birds" can be completed with terrorbirds in the Gnome Stronghold, chickens in Lumbridge, or roosters in Burthorpe.

Skills, on the other hand, are broad activities that can be performed in a large variety of places. Take, for example, the numerous farming patches, the ability to cook anywhere a fire can be made, the ability to fletch or mix potions anywhere, etc. The first 24 skills all had that in common: they could be trained or used anywhere in RuneScape. With the exception of experience rewards (such as XP lamps or penguin points), Dungeoneering cannot be trained anywhere in RuneScape; it can just be trained in Daemonheim. Nor can Dungeoneering be used anywhere in RuneScape; its use is limited to Daemonheim. This is a key characteristic of a skill that Dungeoneering lacks.

Another aspect of skills is their versatility. Skills can be used for a variety of purposes. Prayer can boost one's attack, strength, drain opponent stats, or protect one from damage. Mining can be used to extract a variety of ores from rocks, mine pure essence, or mine crashed stars. Smithing can create weapons and armor. Agility boosts run energy everywhere. Dungeoneering itself, is good for just one: the ability to raid dungeons. While it is true that the rewards from Dungeoneering are versatile, Dungeoneering as a skill itself is completely useless in RuneScape. It can't be used for anything outside Daemonheim. This is another characteristic of a skill that Dungeoneering lacks.

All in all, Dungeoneering fits the bill better as a minigame than a skill. Why it was released as a skill, then, is a mystery to many.

By: Liquidhelium
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