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Issue #14

At this point, telling you that there’s been a referendum on whether or not Jagex should bring back the old Wilderness along with free trade would be useless. Everyone who plays Runescape probably knows it. With ninety percent of voters saying "Yes" to the proposition, it seems only a matter of time before Jagex acquiesces to the demands. However, the question now is this: should Jagex do this? Should they really bring back the old Wilderness? My answer, as this article will show, is not as simple as yes or no.

First off, let me say that I most definitely do not have fond memories of the Wilderness. I have never been much a fan of player killing, inasmuch as I can’t do it. Thus, the only reasons I ever went into that foreboding place to the north of Varrock was on the chance that I got a clue scroll that I wanted to do. Of course, with the ancient mages and aggressive melee users eager for a lower-leveled player to kill, I rarely finished any of the treasure trails that took me into the Wilderness. Now that revenants have replaced PvP enthusiasts, however, I actually enjoy treasure trails, and there’s not a single one I don’t complete. For that reason alone, I will say that I don’t want the old Wilderness. For those who enjoy PvP, I think that entire worlds dedicated to it, along with activities that support it too, fulfill these needs rather well.

However, the topic of free trade is another matter altogether. I have always been a proponent of the laissez-faire style of managing the economy -- whether it’s real life or RuneScape. Like Jagex said, in the time since they’ve removed the Wilderness and free trade, they’ve found other ways of combating real world trading, botting, and the like. I remember that when I was a level fifty-six free player, I wandered into the Wilderness, deciding that maybe I could try this PvP thing, and promptly lost an entire set of rune armour. Of course I was dejected -- I had mined coal for what seemed like a long time to afford that armour. Nevertheless, I told a higher-leveled friend about it, and he just gave me another set. That’s the moment I think of when I think of "free trade" now. Whether it’s giving a friend a birthday gift or replacing a foolish buddy’s set of armour, I think that free trade is the way to go.

So there you have my views. I think that free trade should be reinstated, but the Wilderness should remain the way it is. But ninety percent of players[1] want it back. There’s just one question left: Where will Jagex relocate Summer’s End?

  1. ^ More than a few of them on accounts probably designed expressly for the purpose of voting here...
By: ZamorakRevan
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