RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #4: Crowns in Signatures

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Issue #4

Written by: Joe

Hello everyone, and I am back with an editorial about signatures. I am sure we are all aware of this issue, the restriction of using crowns in signatures, as it has crept up through the ages and has led to single-handedly failing RfAs. The first incident I can remember is when Lvl 3 skils3 nominated himself for a Clan Chat rank. Butterman, who seems to be the main pointer-outer of crowns in signatures, well, pointed it out.

Since then we have had several occurrences, such as in Frede173's RfA. I personally see no wrong having crowns in signatures, as long as the user does not have anything like "I have rollback so I am better than you" in their hover text. Summed up, I think this is no big deal, and it is fine for people to have rollback/admin/'crat crowns in their signature as long as they do not boast. Our all editors are equal policy is a big factor here.

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