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Issue #8

I love quests. For me, quests define RuneScape. It’s like a great story, with outrageous plot turns and twists. I try not to be too reliant on quest guides, as I prefer to use them to just be generally prepared (i.e. items). Anyway, I’d classify myself as a ‘Quester’, and hope to get a Quest points skill cape before level 100. As such, I’ve done a lot of quests, so I thought it would be best if I gave a stamp of approval to certain quests, and quest series. So, here it is. (Keep in mind that these are my personal favourites, and not the wiki’s as a whole).

My First Quest[edit source]

A lot of people start their questing career in RuneScape with the quest Cooks Assistant. To be honest, I couldn’t do it. I could never quite find that egg, nor could I quite find that mill. Instead, I didn’t quest until level 32, around the time when I started to look at the quest list, and realised that my attack level wasn’t my combat level. A specific name “Vampire Slayer” captivated me, and held me in its dubious grip and refused to let me go till the cold (more so than is normal) carcass of Count Draynor lay twitching at my feet in his final death throes. My lust for questing was born then, and I doubt it will ever be fully sated.

Hardest Quest[edit source]

Well, I haven’t done While Guthix Sleeps yet, so that’s a no-no for me. Out of all the quests I’ve done, Monkey Madness has been my hardest. Unlike Summers End, where sheer perseverance was necessary; or Desert Treasure where a good set of equipment was necessary, Monkey Madness kept me on my toes for weeks, as I tried to avoid Gorilla Guards, hide from Monkey Archers, navigate tunnels and avoid zombies and slay a mighty Demon.

My Favorite Quest Series[edit source]

This is one of the hardest choices for me, as nothing is like a story with good sequels. The first series I fully got into was The Myreque quests. Before, I had only appreciated quests due to the various rewards and sense of achievement it gave me, I finally recognised the excellent guiding plots the clever writers that Jagex has developed (it’s a pity they’re not clever enough to officially recognise us) – no doubt due to it containing my first major cut-scene. I ached for a chance to kick back at the insidious and undeniably evil vampire Vanstrom Clause, and I was greatly pleased to find that there were several sequels! I’ve taken part in every quest series (with the exception of The Lunar Isles Series, which I plan to start in a week or so) and this, in my honest opinion, outruns all others. Legacy of Seergaze was a bit of a letdown, but ah well.

My Favorite Quest[edit source]

So here it is: The big daddy quest. I first considered The Darkness of Hallowvale. With all that jumping around; dodging, hissing bat creatures, and watching vampires plot, it seemed the obvious choice. It was even part of my favorite quest series! I also considered Desert Treasure, It made me take note of locations I had been to before, but had simply walked past. It also offered some very close combats, the most notable being me running circles around Damis with the aid of an energy potion, purely because I had run out of food as was waiting for my hitpoints to reload, whereas the other options have been quite hard for me, my choice for this quest was clear: Enakhra's Lament. Unlike all quests I had done previously, it showed me some of the ancient history of RuneScape. It showed anger deliberately directed at my player, and required a lot of skill. Which is why I loved it. The Flight of Akathankos intrigued and captivated me, the Mahjarrat caught me, the boneguard attacked me and the cut-scenes made it an amazing quest for me. Thanks Jagex!

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