RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #7:

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Issue #7

By Bonziiznob and Horsehead.

At precisely 20:00 UTC, The Autumn Wikifest got off to a prompt and roaring start, as Wikians jammed onto Mudskipper Point to meet, greet, and celebrate the wiki.

(When I logged in right before 20:00, 708 people were on World 29. I counted 78 or so people in the R S Wikia cc when I joined the chat a minute before the fest started, so more than 10 percent of the players on World 29 were jammed onto Mudskipper Point.)

The group quickly formed a train. Lead by Bonziiznob and Timwac, the wikians wound their way to Falador and then back to the point, where they were joined by Mod Mat K, who then left later on. Then, festivalers formed two straight lines for the costume competition.

File:Wikifest autumn 2.png|thumb|left|And the RuneScape Wiki claims another victory!

The costumes seems especially good this time, and after much discussion, Dr5ag2on1 was awarded third place, Ceno Flame took second, and Bruxacosmica claimed first prize. Emboldened by his victory, Brux led the wikians to the G.E in a small train, where on the way, many wikians enjoyed spamming others about the RuneScape Wiki. Upon reaching the Grand Exchange, the wikians let loose and unleashed hundreds of cabbages upon the G.E in a spectacular fashion.

Next, the crowd rushed to the heart of Varrock and played Hide n' Seek, and it didn't take long for all the hiders to get found! Following the Varrock events, the group made its way to Duel Arena for some good beatings and then to Clan Wars, where everyone finished off the fest with a few good matches, lead by Telos.

File:Meetandgreet.autumn09.png|Wikians hang out on the point. File:Train.autumn09.png|Catching the Wiki train through Fally. File:Costumeparty.autumn09.png|The costume party, in two straight lines. File:Wikifest autumn 2.png|More cabbages than players at the GE!