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Issue #12

A Player Moderator[edit source]

On Oct 15th, 2009 I was granted the wonderful opportunity of helping Jagex and the RuneScape community by joining the Player Moderator Team. It’s such a golden moment to type your first words and to see the crown beside your name. It’s simply amazing. This brief editorial is simply a quick educational piece about my experience thus far. Many, many players hope to one day log on to the game and see that “0 inbox” message change to 1. Many are disappointed when they find that the few times it is a 1, it’s simply a billing error, or something minor. But for the ones where it is the “Player Moderator Invite”, it’s simply an amazing moment. From there you begin the process of becoming the moderator. Jagex and you will keep in contact while you await a “URN” or a number that they will send to your home address via mail which allows you to confirm yourself to the account. After several more days you finally receive your crown (the waiting process is extremely stretched).

It’s such a thrill, and it generally remains such, but it’s not always fun and games. As moderators, we are generally the prime target of much spam, hate messages and criticism. People who misunderstand your role in the community will feel threatened, or upset that you can’t assist them in a manner they wish. People who were once your friends will dissociate from you, rather than congratulate you. Communities will feel different about you with your new status, and to some, this is extremely overwhelming. On the other hand, many other players will look up to you. You are a very community focused player, and many who wish to be the same will come to you looking for answers, help, or advice. Sometimes this too can be a bit overwhelming and this is why many moderators keep their friends list off (my list is never off, feel free to pm me any time) It does get to be a bit much, but it’s all in the package though.

That said, I think I should clarify some things I have come to realise. Many players expect you to help them, and often they will get upset with you if you do not oblige. The truth is, we are players, please don’t expect much from us if we are simply wishing to play. Like you, we have goals and wish to enjoy the game, and although we would love to help everyone, we simply cannot. Many players will also message you regarding how one becomes a player moderator. The truth is...I don’t know. There are guidelines you can follow, sure, but in all honesty I have no idea. I generally tell people the same thing though... DON’T PLAY TO BE A MOD! You’ll be sorrowfully disappointed. In general though, there are some good pointers (in no specific order) to being a good player (which may increase your chances, if your wishing to ever become one):

  1. Safe secure account - Jagex won’t grant these rights to an insecure account.
  2. Nice and friendly - Jagex wants good people to respect the community and the extra tools. Mean moderators don’t benefit the community.
  3. Helpful – Helping players is a great support to the community as a whole. Getting involved in a few clan channels (R S Wikia) is a great way to become involved in the community
  4. Events – Run or attend events. This is a great way to meet other players, J-Mods, and the community as a whole. Getting out there and involved is a great way to show how community active you are.
  5. Fansites – Fansite participation is wonderful, and it extends your outreach to the broader community. I myself am active in several Jagex related fansites.
  6. Rules and Understanding/Reporting – It’s a great idea to follow the rules to be a good player. The rules are there for a purpose and should be respected. It’s not Jagex’s ideas to control how you play, but they need to make sure it’s fair and safe for everyone. Reporting players with solid evidence of those who breach these rules shows the community you have a clear understanding of the rules and the reporting procedures.

That in general is just a summary of all the many things you can do for the community. Other than that, we are really just good community focused players. We make mistakes, we do not always agree and we enjoy a good laugh, like all of you.

I hope you all enjoyed the quick read. If you have any questions, please feel free to post on my talk page.

By: Bonziiznob
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