RuneScape Wiki Post – Issue #5: 26king and Inflation

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Issue #5

Written by: Tienjt0. This is now outdated, but you may still find it a good read.

26king is getting out of hand.

I know that the removal of Slayer-only and other special drops from PvP worlds is part of the inflation, but take a look at Ranger boots. Those were never dropped in PvP worlds, and yet they are rising like they have never done before. I believe 26king is the main cause for the increase in price of many items.

The major flaw with PvP worlds is that money is being generated into the game. The old Wilderness did not generate any money; a victim merely "traded" his items with his opponent when he died. The amount of money in the economy remained the same. But now, items are being lost and money is being generated into the game via statuettes and other such artefacts. Players can buy expensive items that were once out of their reach. Purchases are being made more frequently than items are being dropped or received. Thus the huge inflation.

With 26king, this situation is being worsened dramatically. Players who are too lazy to earn their money with hard work are instead logging on to PvP worlds, raising their potential by twiddling their thumbs and possibly AFK-ing (AFK is "away from keyboard") while they’re at it, and then begging for someone to 26k with them. More and more people are starting to do this because they are attracted to the prospect of easy money. Money! That’s all people think of nowadays.

In addition, PK-ing (player killing) is supposed to be risky, no? When you take that risk, you can be rewarded. But half the people in PvP worlds are doing the 26k trick, where you risk nearly nothing but gain millions. Can you really call that PK-ing? And look at what it has done.

I don’t PK, nor do I intend to. All my money is from skilling and hard work. But I see these guys in PvP worlds, standing around doing nothing but making millions a day. Any of you who make money "fairly" should feel what I am talking about.

Anyway, if 26king is not dealt with, then the market will become unaffordable to the common player. This will affect people who actually play "fairly" and enjoy the challenge of making money “fairly.” It would be a problem for many people if the Abyssal whip was over 9M coins.

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