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WikiCapes are images resembling Capes of Accomplishment that users can give to one another. Each WikiCape corresponds to a topic on the wiki and can be received if you have shown some mastery over the topic or made a great contribution. There is no regulation surrounding who can receive WikiCapes; you can give any cape to any user for any reason (though it should follow the theme of the Cape). Remember, these capes are just for fun, and do not represent any authority or superior knowledge over the related topic.

How do I use WikiCapes?[edit source]

Do you know a user who is deserving of an award for their hard work? Great! Give another user a WikiCape. You can use {{Wikicape}} to leave the Cape on the user's talk page. If you are the recipient and wish to display the Cape on your userpage, you can use {{Wikicape_display}} for a more compact version of the WikiCape template.

Can I create a new WikiCape?[edit source]

The short answer is: Yes. You may create any random WikiCape and give it to a user, but this should be hosted on a third-party site and displayed here. New, recognised WikiCapes must look similar to those below and have a clear relation to the Wiki. The cape must also be approved before you can upload it, or add it to this page by "FIMG style" consensus on the requests page.

Gallery[edit source]

Below is a gallery of the different WikiCapes available:

Blank Wikicape.png Wikicape of Template Coding.png Wikicape of Counter-vandalism.png Wikicape of Event Contribution.png
WikiCape WikiCape of Template Coding WikiCape of Counter-Vandalism WikiCape of Event Contributions
Wikicape of Long Time Contribution.png Wikicape of the Clan Chat.png Wikicape of Image Maintenance.png Wikicape of Signature Creation.png
WikiCape of Long-time Contribution WikiCape of the Clan Chat WikiCape of Image Maintenance WikiCape of Signature Creation
Wikicape of Cleanup.png Wikicape of Stub Fighting.png Wikicape of the Yew Grove.png Wikicape of Screenshotting.png
WikiCape of Cleanup WikiCape of Stub Fighting WikiCape of the Yew Grove WikiCape of Screenshots
Wikicape of Wikicape Creation.png Wikicape of IRC.png Wikicape of Guide Making.png
WikiCape of Making WikiCapes WikiCape of IRC WikiCape of Making Guides