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This page contains a list of friends chats that players may find helpful to use while playing RuneScape. These are not endorsed by the wiki in any way; players should use the chats at their own risk and ensure that they have checked the rules/guidelines of chats before using them. The below friends chat can be mentioned on relevant pages, but only be using the template: {{Whitelisted FC|<name of the FC>}}.

Current whitelist

Friends chat Purpose Discussion Date

The process

See Forum:Revisiting rules for FCs in mainspace for the original discussion to allow the mentioning of whitelisted friends chat on the wiki. The addition of friends chat to the whitelist should be done via consensus in a Yew Grove discussion. Here are some suggested criteria for nominations based upon the initial discussion:

  • The chat must be active at all times.
  • There should be a widespread consensus in the player base that the friends chat is the main hub for its activity.
  • The chat should be actively moderated and follow the Rules of RuneScape.
  • The chat must be non-commercial e.g. no Dungeoneering floor selling or PvM leeching.
  • The chat should have a well-defined purpose and be primarily focused around discussion of that specific purpose.

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