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"RS:UH" redirects here. For the update history project, see RuneScape:Maintenance/Update history.

What this page is for

    • Coding help.
      Questions about writing templates, making user pages, or wikitext can be asked here and users will help to the best of their ability.
    • Questions on how the wiki works.
      All the policies and processes in use on the RuneScape Wiki may seem a little overwhelming at first. If you need help in understanding any of our policies, asking here is a good start.
    • Other questions to the users of the wiki.
      While the Yew Grove is often a better place, a simple question may be asked here for a quick response.
    • An all-in-one place to put things.
      Many of the wiki's procedures are lesser-known, so putting a note here is a good way to do something if the correct procedure is not known.
    • Also check out our editing and general help sections!

What this page is not for

    • Appealing mutes or bans on your RuneScape account.
      We are not Jagex; we cannot help you with in-game problems. Try looking on the RuneScape Support site instead.
    • Requests for actions involving administrator tools.
      For issues , please visit the Administrative requests page. If you're not sure if your problem requires an administrator, post it on that page.
    • Discussion on policies or other wide-ranging actions.
      The Yew Grove is a more suitable location to discuss larger changes to the Wiki's policies, procedures and high-use templates.
    • General chat.
      General chat about RuneScape or off-topic subjects should be taken to our Discord server or talk pages when applicable.

Sealed clue scroll (master) drop lines

According to info we have, a Sealed clue scroll (master) may drop in place of a Sealed clue scroll (elite). Drop tables have still not been updated to reflect this, with master clues missing from a number of relevant pages. This is a too big a task for me to do, so we need someone with an appropriate level of automation to go through any pages that have a drops line for elite clues to also add the drops line for master clues to get things up to date. Henneyj 20:07, 9 June 2021 (UTC)

QBD Redirect

Someone in game earlier discovered the existence of this redirect page

[[Queen African-American Dragon]]

I'm not really sure that there's a point to it - could I kindly request that it be somehow actioned against?  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Nolanlemahn (talk) on 22:35, 13 October 2021.

... whoops, this should be an admin request. Sorry.  —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Nolanlemahn (talk) on 22:37, 13 October 2021.