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For the general style guide for the wiki, see RuneScape:Style guide.

This quick guide style guide is a style guide used for quick guides, as decided in Forum:Quest quick guide style guide guidelines.

Layout[edit source]

Boss tactics, fighting tips, and shortcuts may be included but should be as short as possible. Shortcuts do not include means of travel such as Lodestones, the Canoe system, Hot-air balloons, etc. Telling players how to get to a location is, in most cases, unnecessary unless the quest requires going to a specific destination that was previously inaccessible, or the quest requires a specific means of arriving at a destination.

Images within quick guides should be used sparingly and only if they would definitely benefit from being there.

All quick guides should end with the phrase Quest complete! as the final bullet.

Walk through[edit source]

Use {{Quest details page}} to produce an exact copy of the template as it appears on the parent page, but that will also update dynamically.

Chat options[edit source]

Use {{Chat options}} to display a set of options a player should choose when prompted, being either an NPC dialogue or object interaction.

Example page[edit source]


{{Quest details page|Quest name}}

===Heading of quest section(s)===
* Bullet points telling steps as briefly as possible.
* Talk to Elfinlocks {{Chat options
|3 What seems to be the matter?
|2 Where can I find him?
* Quest complete!
[[Category:Name of quest| ]]