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This Quest style guide is a style guide used for the quest pages.

Though the wiki is an encyclopaedia, it is also a player guide. This means that not all articles should be written in third person. The following guidelines apply to any quest pages which attempts to be a guide rather than an informative article. They can be summed up by this simple principle: Write for the reader attempting to use the guide.

Writing style[edit source]

Imperative form[edit source]

Always use the imperative (command) form when possible. This allows the guide to use neither the first nor third person tenses.

You must now talk to Reldo. He is located in the library in the north of Varrock Palace.
*explanation of the dialogue with Reldo*
The player should teleport to Falador.

Talk to Reldo. He is located in the library in the north of Varrock Palace.
*explanation of the dialogue with Reldo*
Teleport to Falador.

Second person[edit source]

When the imperative form is not possible, use the second-person form. Though some styles of writing prohibit the second-person tense, recall that these articles are not encyclopaedic, but are instead user manuals -- and user manuals are written solely for the user.

Talk to Reldo. He will tell the player that Manbearpig is about to attack!

Talk to Reldo. He will warn you that Manbearpig is about to attack!

Bulleting[edit source]

Bullet points (*) should not be used in quest guides, as they are not fitting within the descriptive and detailed writing style every guide should have. Instead, they must be used for quick guides. Of course, bullet points may be used in normal quest guides when certain steps must be taken in an order (in which case numbers (#) may also be utilised) or when there are multiple possibilities or needs to achieve a goal in the quest, e.g.:

Reldo will tell you that, in order to stop Manbearpig from destroying varrock, a Cannon of Doom must be built in the city's centre. To do this, you will need some cannon barrels of doom, a cannon furnace of doom, a cannon stand of doom and a cannon base of doom.

  • The barrels can be found upstairs in Zaff's house.
  • The furnace is located in a crate in the sewers.
  • etc.

Actions[edit source]

Paragraphs in a heading should be devided by groups of action in a certain area, or a particularly long dialogue with an NPC. A heading should not contain one very large paragraph or twenty-five tiny ones.

Talk to Reldo. He will warn you that Manbearpig is about to attack! You can ask about the history of the Manbearpig, but Reldo will refuse to tell it right now for the city is in large danger. Ask what you can do to help. Reldo will tell you that only a Cannon of Doom can stop the Manbearpig, of which the different parts are hidden around Varrock to avoid them falling into wrong hands.

*bulleted list of how to obtain the cannon parts (see bulleting section above)*

After having found all the parts of the cannon, go to Varrock Square and stand in the clear area between the fountain and Varrock Palace. Begin setting up the cannon. After a few seconds, a part will break. You must use a hammer and an iron bar to fix it. Retry to set up the cannon. This time you will succeed and a cutscene will start. (at this point, the paragraph ends and a new one begins to describe the cutscene, which should only be done if said cutscene is long enough)

Manbearpig approaches...

Layout[edit source]

Introduction[edit source]

Write a short paragraph introducing the quest, including release date, any prequels or sequels and possibly some development or historical information. This should not be very long. The quest infobox should also be placed.

Walkthrough[edit source]

Quest details template[edit source]

{{Quest details
|icon         = The quest icon filename, without "File:"
|start        = Quest starting point, including NPC or action and location
|difficulty   = Difficulty level; Novice, Intermediate, Experienced, Master, Grandmaster or Special
|length       = Length of the quest.
|members      = Is the quest for members only? Yes or No.
|requirements = Quest and level requirements to start (and finish) the quest. Include abilities to boost.
|items        = Items required during the quest. Recommended items may also be included in a separate section.
|kills        = Monsters killed during the quest; include combat levels. Order them from weakest to strongest. Use the bullet point template and a space and enter ({{*}} Monster (level 4)<br />) instead of normal bullet points to list multiple monsters)
  • The Quest details template is placed below the introductory paragraph.
  • This template is only meant to provide a preview of the quest: length, difficulty, items required, etc.
  • If the list of "Items needed" is long, DO NOT use bullets. Add in the needed items in the "Walkthough" section following this template.
  • Requirements for the requirements should not be listed: For example: The Chosen Commander requires Land of the Goblins - requirements for Land of the Goblins should not be listed on The Chosen Commander's page. They are already listed in the quest requirements template per quest.
  • Ironmen-specific requirements should be included collapsed with the ironmen icons:
Ironman badge.png Hardcore Ironman badge.png Ironmen:

Writing[edit source]

Detail[edit source]

Always write with as much details as possible (although you must not overdo it, saying that an NPC's hat has a blue and a red speck for example), putting everything that is done or said in the guide. This should not be done in quick guides, in which any detail is omitted.

Speak to Reldo about Mahjarrat. He will tell something about their history and then tell you to go to King Roald. Do so and...

Speak to Reldo about Mahjarrat. He will reveal that they are a race of powerful mages originating from their realm of warfar; Freneskae. They were brought to Gielinor by the desert god of the dead, Icthlarin, in the Second Age to...

Images[edit source]

Images should complement the quest guide, and occasionally should supplement the quest guide (in the case of maps, etc). Images should be right-aligned. However, centre-alignment can be used for some images in the quest pages, such as maps or left-aligned when the right side is cluttered or when it is more fitting. The chatheads at the starting section should also be left-aligned (see below). Images should be of interesting, humorous, attractive, etc. actions, dialogue or cutscenes from the quest. If there is a lack of such images, more casual images can be used in their place, e.g. an image of an important NPC.

Rewards[edit source]

The {{Quest rewards}} template should be used to display the quest rewards. Rewards should be included in bullet form. Additional rewards that aren't shown in the image may be included as well.

Quest points[edit source]

Quest points are added to the template with the parameter |qp=. This parameter is mandatory and quest points should not be listed with the other rewards as a seperate bullet point.

Additional post-quest rewards[edit source]

If there are additional post-quest rewards that aren't shown in the image then these may be included as well with the parameter |post quest=.

Music[edit source]

If there are music tracks unlocked during the quest, list them in the {{Quest rewards}} with the parameter |music=.

Paragraphs[edit source]

First paragraph[edit source]

The first paragraph of the walkthrough should not be called ===Starting out===, but a more creative title referring to the task given by the starting NPC or the storyline, and describe how to find the NPC starting the quest and how to accept the quest. As mentioned above, go in detail to describe the dialogue but do not include the second action. For example:

...To eliminate this threat, Reldo asks you to go to Falador. Accept it.

===Investigating in Falador===
Make your way to Falador. This can be done using...

Chathead[edit source]

The first paragraph should contain a left-aligned chathead image, preferably of the NPC that starts the quest. This is not always possible and as such not necessary, but recommended to do. The chathead should have no caption and must be placed after the heading line. The paragraph should end with the clear template, or, if there are images to the right, a {{Clear|left}}.

===Example in trouble===
[[File:Example chathead.png|left]]
Speak to Example to start the quest. He can be found in Falador Castle. He will say that he urgently requires your help, for... ... ...accept the quest and leave the castle.

Other paragraphs[edit source]

The following paragraphs should be divided into large groups of actions taking place in a city or helping an NPC do something for example. If a quest requires you to speak to Reldo, then go to Falador, get back to Reldo, clean up his library, set up a cannon, battle with Manbearpig and claim your reward, sections could be as follows:

===The Avarrockian Prophecy===

===Help from Falador===

===Cleaning the library===

===Retrieving the cannon of doom===

===Defeating Manbearpig===

===Aftermath=== or ===Finishing up===