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This style guide on page layout is a style guide used to determine the overall layout and ordering of pages.

Writing style[edit source]

Imperative form[edit source]

Always use the imperative (command) form when possible. This allows the guide to use neither the first nor third person tenses.

You must now talk to Reldo to get the journal. He is located in the library in the north of Varrock Palace.

Talk to Reldo to obtain the journal. He is located in the library in the north of Varrock Palace.

Layout[edit source]

Some subsection topics, such as History or Trivia, are found on many pages. The following list provides the guideline for how to order these individual sections. The list is meant to provide the default order, but may be deviated from if necessary. This was decided in Forum:Section ordering policy.

  1. History
  2. Events
  3. Family
  4. Music unlocked
  5. Achievements
  6. Dialogue/Transcript
  7. Update History
  8. Trivia
  9. See also
  10. References
  11. External links

Items[edit source]


The item infobox should also be added and filled with the appropriate values, after which a short paragraph introduces the item. This does not have to be very long. Only the item infobox and the introduction are required on an item article. Inclusion of images and/or what sections are used (see below for a full list of possible sections) depends on the kind of item and is thus optional. This is based on a Yew Grove thread about the order of infoboxes on item articles: Forum:InconsistencyScape: Stacking Infoboxes.

Images[edit source]

Images should complement the article and occasionally should supplement the article (in the case of maps, etc). Images should be right-aligned. However, centre-alignment can be used for some images in the articles, such as maps or left-aligned when the right side is cluttered or when it is more fitting. The detailed image of the item at the starting section should also be left-aligned (see below). Images should be of the item or where it is obtained.

Order of sections[edit source]

Use common sense when needed, but the default order is shown beneath (this does not include everything, but it is an indicator of how an item article could look like). This default was made to create more consistency between item articles. Only infobox item and the article introduction are required, the rest is optional.

  1. Header templates (see RuneScape:Style guide/Wiki code#Orders for an example)
  • {{External}}
  • Line type header templates
  • Bar type header templates
  1. {{Infobox Item}}
  2. Detailed image of the item (DII)
  3. Article introduction
  4. {{Infobox Bonuses}} (preceded by a "Combat stats" header)
  5. Miscellaneous sections
  6. {{Infobox recipe}} (put above bonuses if on pocket slot item or other similar items that don't have a lot of information in bonuses)
  7. {{Uses material list}}
  8. {{Repair cost}}
  9. Transmutation
  10. {{Dropping monsters list}}
  11. {{Store locations list}}
  12. Comparison templates, e.g. {{Cape comparison}}
  13. {{Disassembly}} (always at the end)
  14. Gallery
  15. {{Succession}}
  16. Update history
  17. Trivia
  18. References
  19. Navboxes
  20. Language links
  21. Categories