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This page contains multiple resources for tracking pages in various states of having disassembly information added.

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Note that for many of the category links with attached sizes, the category includes RuneScape:Placeholder, so the size will not drop below 1.

General categories[edit source]

Infobox Item disassembly parameter[edit source]

All pages missing the parameter[edit source]

See Items missing disassembly info (Size: 42)

Pages missing the parameter, but having a disassembly template[edit source]

These pages can just have |disassembly = yes added to the infobox.

No results (that's good!)

Pages with a disassembly template, but the parameter is not yes[edit source]

These pages need to be checked if they can or cannot be disassembled, with disassembly changed to yes in Infobox Item, or the disassemble template removed, depending on the result. Be aware that some items may be disassemblable in one state, but not disassemblable in another, which is represented in switch infoboxes - known examples of this have been excluded.

Total pages: 2
Excluded items
Item(s) Cause of false positive Reason for exclusion
Crystal teleport seed Switch infobox 0 charges cannot be disassembled, others can be
XP Capacitor 5000 Switch infobox Only inactive can be disassembled
Enhanced fishing rod-o-matic Switch infobox Inactive cannot be disassembled, other can be
Enhanced hammer-tron
Enhanced pyro-matic
Category:Artefacts Switch infobox Damaged artefacts cannot be disassembled, restored artefacts can be
Category:Material crates Dummy values Hidden disassembly template so that the items appear in calculators; the items actually cannot be disassembled

Disassembly template[edit source]

Items specified as disassembleable without the template[edit source]

Total pages: 18

Items missing category[edit source]

See also Missing disassembly category (Size: 7)
Total pages: 7

Items missing level[edit source]

See also Missing Invention disassembly level (Size: 7)
Total pages: 7

Non-items with the disassembly template[edit source]

Only items should have the disassembly template. Pages that summarise groups or sets of items should not have this template.

No results (that's good!)

Using redirect template[edit source]

For easy use of DPL and other methods, it is preferred to use {{Disassembly}} over templates that redirect to it.

Special materials[edit source]

Missing the alwaysgivesaspecialmaterial parameter
See also: Missing special chance (Size: 30)

alwaysgivesaspecialmaterial should be set to yes or no, depending on if the item always gives a special material or does not. May require research.

Total pages: 30
Missing the special material quantity
See also: Missing special material quantity (Size: 76)

Use |special=zaros[2] or |special=zaros[1]{50}. May require research.

Total pages: 76
Missing the special material chance
See also: Missing special material chance (Size: 2)

Use |special=zaros[1]{50}. May require research.

Total pages: 2

Missing disassembly information completely[edit source]

Total pages: 42