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As discussed in Forum:Inventor, this page contains details of the preferred guidelines for implementing information regarding the Invention skill on the RuneScape Wiki.

Disassembly[edit source]

For the disassembly project page, see this page.
For a list of items that haven't been checked yet, see this page.
Items that can be disassembled

The pages of items that can be disassembled should use the {{Disassembly}} template, which you can read the documentation of here. This is better placed near the bottom of the page, and under the level 2 heading Disassembly, to keep consistency across all pages. An example of this template is at Cabbage#Disassembly.

All items

All items should have the disassembly parameter added to {{Infobox Item}}. This can take the following (case-insensitive) values:

  • yes - The item can be disassembled - the disassembly template should also be on the page
  • no - The item cannot be disassembled
  • restricted - The item is only obtainable in areas where use of the disassemble ability is not permitted; eg Dungeoneering items
  • n/a - The item cannot be placed in the inventory at all to be checked, like certain minigame/quest equipment, or event items which cannot be obtained or no longer exist in-game

Details[edit source]

  • Junk chance percentages given should be without any junk reduction research completed
  • Junk chance should always be given to one decimal place
  • Material quantity should never include any sort of special materials (e.g. death lotus darts always give 3 silent components plus 8 other materials, so material quantity is 8)
    • In the case the item does not always give special materials, it should be noted inside the template (|alwaysgivesaspecialmaterial = No if not 100%).

Disassembly groups[edit source]

There are several different pre-made disassembly groups (also called categories, not to be confused with wiki categories) that can be used instead of "creating your own" using {{Disassembly}}. This is because the majority of items within the same category give the same materials. They can all be seen on this page and should be used where possible to reduce the need to update information individually across pages.

For example, in the case of an item using the default scenario of 0.1 experience, 98% junk chance, 1 item used, 1 material given, Simple parts (often) and Variable components (rarely), {{Disassembly|category=default}} should be used rather than {{Disassembly}}. Aliases are also available for categories are


Disassembly categories are defined by Module:Disassemble/data. If a new category is needed, request it using the talk page.

Maintenance[edit source]

Main article: /Tracking

Materials[edit source]

All materials have their own pages, for example Base parts. It is recommended that these pages have two level 2 headings, Obtaining and Possible perks, that contain details on how the materials may be obtained and the possible perks it will create.

Please only give general information on how to obtain the materials when possible, categorizing the items that can be disassembled into something easier and shorter, such as "Shields" or "Bows". The list of items can be automatically generated using {{Disassembly items list|material}}. This data is stored and generated from the item categories defined by Module:Disassemble/data.

Material pages should contain the {{Infobox Material}} template in order to give basic information about the material, such as its name, rarity, and level. For information on how to use the template, read the documentation.

This is a template that you can copy into the source editor, which will auto-fill in the name field. Empty fields will display "Unknown", with an option to edit the page.

{{Infobox Material
|name = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|image =
|rarity = 
|desc = 

Also add {{Materials}} at the end of the article. Do not add {{Invention}}, the materials navbox suffices.

Perks[edit source]

All perks have their own pages, for example Brassican. There's not much information to state regarding perks, so a simple one or two lines will suffice without the need of the {{Stub}} template. In cases where the perk's usage varies or has additional effects, such as Talking, the page should be expanded to cover all of the relevant information.

Please also include the {{Infobox Perk}} template on the page. For information on how to use the template, read the documentation.

This is a template that you can copy into the source editor, which will auto-fill in the name field.

{{Infobox Perk
|name = {{subst:PAGENAME}}
|image =
|desc =
|max =
|gizmo =

Also add {{Perks}} at the end of the article. Do not add {{Invention}}, the perks navbox suffices.