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This page contains the preferred guidelines for implementing information about competitions on the RuneScape Wiki. They were discussed in Forum:Competition Style guide.

Guidelines[edit source]

Articles should be created on a competition when they meet certain criteria. First, they must be ran by Jagex or in partnership with them. Additionally, competitions should meet at least one of the following criteria to deserve an article:

  • The competition requires you to perform an action in-game.
    • Such as: Interacting with an item, NPC, or scenery, taking an in-game screenshot or video, completing a task, and engaging in combat. Example: Golden Path Challenge
  • The competition results in a unique in-game reward.

Features[edit source]

When writing about competitions, the following should be described:

  • The organiser of the competition. "Jagex" can be used as a general term for Jagex-ran competitions, but if the competition is being specifically ran by a Jagex Moderator, their name should be used instead.
  • The date that the competition started and ended. If the competition is ongoing, {{Current}} should be added to the top of the article/section.
  • The method and process of entry for the competition.
  • The prizes that winners (and runners-up, if applicable) get.
  • The winners of the competition, if known.
    • Remember to follow RS:PLAYERS when adding player names to articles.
    • If applicable, such as for a story or video competition, the winning submission should be included.

Templates[edit source]

The infobox {{Infobox Competition}} should be placed at the top of the article and filled in (see template documentation). If an appropriate image exists for or can be associated with the competition, it should be added in the infobox. This template will automatically add Category:Competitions to the article.

The navbox {{Community events}} should be placed at the bottom of the article, and the article should be added to the appropriate section in the navbox.

Other competitions[edit source]

  • Successful RuneLabs suggestions are not competitions. If content is added as a result of a RuneLabs suggestion, this should be noted in the page, preferably in the "Trivia" section.
  • Competitions that involve creating an idea for content that will be added in-game should have their own section on the content's page which features the {{Infobox Competition}} template. The infobox should not have an image added to it, and should use the name of the competition if it differs from the content's name.