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Clan Chat icon.png Requests for Lieutenant and Sergeant are currently closed.
For more information, see here. Requests for Clan Admin remain open.

Requests for CC Rank is the process by which users of the RuneScape Wiki decide who shall be granted a rank in the RSW Clan Chat. A user either submits his or her own request for rank (a self-nomination) or is nominated by another user.

Current requests for Clan Chat rank[edit source]

Username Nomination date Closure date Discuss here
There are no current requests for rank.

We are not accepting any requests for Lieutenant/Sergeant at this time.

About Clan Chat ranks[edit source]

The basis behind a Clan Chat rank is to moderate the behaviour and content that is spoken of within the Clan Chat and also to ensure that users are following the rules explained at RuneScape:Clan Chat. Users with a Clan Chat rank will have the ability to remove other users from the Clan Chat, so it is important that users who are nominated are mature and are prominent in following the aforementioned rules and will also be respectful of the users using the RSW Clan Chat.

As such, the ranks held by them are also typically a reference to their positions held on the Wiki, but some are available via requesting a rank.

The corporal rank is given out to somewhat trusted users by in-game discussion (as its role is so minor it does not require a request here). The sergeant rank is used for users who passed a request for lieutenant during a period when the clan is not accepting new lieutenants. The lieutenant rank is normally given to user who pass a request on this page, but requests for lieutenant are currently closed. The clan admin rank is either obtained automatically during a request for adminship or by requesting it here (for non-wiki admins). While the administrator and lieutenant ranks are the ones usually requested here, it is possible to run for other ranks. Note that the General rank is defunct, as the forumadmin group is no longer a usergroup on the wiki. Forumadmins when the usergroup was removed are grandfathered in, but no one else will be given the general rank unless it is specifically requested on this page.

This list gives a general overview of who has each rank. For a more detailed description, see the rank guide.
Owner Owner (unable to be given out)
Deputy Owner Deputy Owners Overseers who express interest in citadel editing tools; generally not given out anymore.
Overseer Overseers Wiki Bureaucrats
Coordinator clan rank.png Coordinators Unused.
Organiser Organisers Clan admins who express interest in citadel editing tools; generally not given out anymore.
Administrator Administrators Wiki administrators; Users who pass a Request for Clan Chat Admin.
General Generals Former forumadmins (defunct).
Captain Captains Events Team members.
Lieutenant Lieutenants In times of need, the lieutenant rank will be given to trusted users who pass a request. This is currently unused.
Sergeant Sergeants Trusted users who pass a request for lieutenant rank. This rank is only used when requests for lieutenant are closed.
Corporal Corporals Trusted users, as decided by a few administrators in-game (formal discussion not needed).
Recruit Recruits Users who have joined the clan and have no other abilities.

For details on what each rank can and cannot do, see here.

Nomination standards
Candidates may nominate themselves, or be nominated by someone else.
Decision process
The strength of the arguments supporting, opposing, or expressing a certain opinion of the candidate is the main factor used in determining the success of the request (see our consensus policy). Requests must last for at least one week (two weeks for clan admin) at which point they may be analyzed for a final decision, which may determine whether or not there is consensus to grant the candidate the rank he or she requested. Additionally, if the outcome of the request is not clear, the nomination may be extended for a further week in order to determine a proper consensus. There are requirements for nomination, as follows:
  • The user must have an account here, even if he or she never uses it. Users running for clan adminship should have it for at least 3 months.
  • The user must be recognised in the clan chat, and must have been in it consistently for 1-3 months.
Here are a few general guidelines:
  • Candidates should be well-known, trusted, and helpful contributors to the wiki and clan chat.
  • Candidates should have been an active contributor to the wiki/clan chat for at least eight weeks to a few months.
  • Candidates should have shown their ability to help other users.
  • If a request fails, it is generally a good idea to wait a few weeks before nominating that person again. Once that person has been around for a longer period of time they can be nominated again. This also remains the case for self-nominations.
Expressing opinions
Any user with an account is welcome to comment on requests. Comments should assess not only the use or need a candidate has demonstrated for the rank with which they would be provided, but they should also reflect upon his or her leadership ability and and skill at diplomacy - necessary qualities for a rank. Remember to keep the wiki and clan's best interest in mind when assessing a possible candidate.

Nominations for rank are not secret ballots. Comments are often responded to, and discussion commonly takes place within the candidate's nomination section. Try to avoid heated arguments and remain calm.

Support or opposition should also not be based on friendships or rivalries. If a candidate has had a disagreement with you or a friend of yours in the past, do not simply oppose the candidate's nomination for that reason.

The following is a list of common discussion markup choices which should be placed at the beginning of all posts within a nomination section.

  • Support - followed by a reason for supporting the nominee.
  • Oppose - followed by a reason for opposing the nominee.
  • Neutral - followed by a reason for neither support nor opposing nominee.
  • Comment/Observation/Note - followed by a statement presenting facts or clarifying a disputed fact.
  • Not yet/Wait a little - followed by a reason for currently opposing while suggesting future support.
  • Notice of intent - a bureaucrat's notification of an intent to either close a discussion or extend it for a specified period of time.
  • {Decision} - a decision made by an administrator presented in the form of {Example Candidate} has been made a {Rank} or The discussion period of {Example Candidate}'s nomination is now over, {Example Candidate} remains a normal user.
Regarding requests for clan adminship
Requests for Clan Chat Adminship (RfCA or RfCCA) are very thorough. The canditates will be examined in more depth due to the wealth of extra clan tools they gain access to: removing clanmates, editing the motif, editing the clan motto and forums, etc. There are no logs for when these are used, so users are trusted to not mess with them - therefore the RfCA should analyse if the user can be trusted. In addition it should check whether they would use the tools. In some cases citadel edit tools can also be requested, but these are much more seldom used (and also allow users to edit the permissions of admins).

Nominating[edit source]

Nominations must be accepted on behalf of the user in question. If you wish to nominate a user, please make sure you let the user know beforehand.

How to nominate[edit source]

  1. Create a page at "RuneScape:Clan Chat/Requests for CC Rank/NOMINEE", where NOMINEE is the username of the nominee.
  2. Follow the instructions given on {{RFR}}.
  3. Fill in another row of the summary table above with the nominee's information.
  4. If this is not a self nomination, contact the nominee on his or her talk page to let him or her know that he or she has been nominated. The candidate must then sign the acceptance of nomination section on his or her request page.
  5. Make sure that the nominee reads and understands the clan chat rules and rank guide up to his requested rank.

For sysops[edit source]

Nominations for clan admin are to run for 2 weeks. Please take note of the time the nomination took place and close this discussion 14 days from then. If the request is successful, please adjust their rank accordingly in the clan chat and add the user to RS:RANKED. If the user fails consensus, simply archive the nomination.